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Sure, we’ll admit it: Ranking the best-smelling flowers is extremely subjective — much like ranking Justin Bieber’s top hits. It’s tough sledding…

But at The Bouqs Co., we’ve smelled a few flowers in our day, and we can confidently say that some flowers give off a fragrance a lot nicer than others. Just like it’s pretty easy for us to say that “Last Friday Night” by Katy Perry is an objectively better song than Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. It just is!

But when you get down to crafting a list of the top ten most pleasantly fragrant flowers, the job gets a bit trickier. Of course, a rose smells light-years better than a carrion flower, which has the scent of a rotting corpse. But a rose versus a lily? Not so easy, now is it?

So if we’re being honest, personal preference plays a massive role here. But if you thought that was going to stop us from throwing out our highly opinionated and — of course — spot on ranking of the world’s most delectable-smelling flowers, we’ve got news for you: It won’t!

So without further ado, let’s hop right in! Here are the ten best-smelling flowers in the world—most of which you can find in perfumes and sometimes in tasty dishes as edible flowers.


1. Peony

Sadly, peony season is super short, but my gosh, it sure is sweet — and so is the seasonal flower’s scent. But like other fragrant flowers, not all peony scents are made equal. Although they are most known for their trademark pink blooms, peonies with large white bulbs typically have the richest fragrance.

So if you want to sweeten up your kitchen, grab a fresh bouquet of peonies while they’re in bloom (generally from April to June). We know we’re already jonesing for peony season to roll back around!

2. Lily

Lilies are some of the most charming and irresistible flowers in the world. And it’s not hard to see why. For one, they have incredibly showy, luscious blooms that will surely attract the eyes of any passersby. Second, they are unbelievably versatile and colorful, making them the perfect flower for any occasion. And finally, they have a deliciously exotic smell reminiscent of stepping off a plane into paradise. What’s not to like?

Before you order a lily bouquet, be warned: Some lilies have no scent, while others have a smell that can fill an entire room. If you want a strong-smelling variety, opt for the starfighter lily or an orchid lily. For slightly more toned-down but still fragrant flowers, go for a Bouq of oriental or trumpet lilies.

3. Lily of the Valley

Lilies of the valley (no relation to the lilies mentioned above) have a whole heck of a lot going for them: they date back to biblical times, they’re a favorite in royal weddings, they’re said to bring luck in love, and — thanks to their nostalgic and happy aroma — they’re used in many hand creams and perfumes.

The smell lilies of the valley emit will leave you feeling like you’re laying down in the middle of a park on a sunny day, just staring up at the clouds without a worry in the world. See for yourself if you don’t believe us!

4. Tuberose

For all you minimalists-at-heart, tuberose is the flower for you. Not only does it have an elegant yet understated presence, but it also carries a fragrance that’s strong yet not overpowering — think hints of enticing creaminess running through your house.

5. Gardenia

Gardenias aren’t just known for their flamboyant white blooms – they also give off a heavy scent that will remind you of walking through a large, untamed field of flowers, with a healthy heap of sweetness tossed on top. For this reason, gardenias tend to be a top choice among perfumers to add a bunch of sweet-smelling goodness to their products.

6. Lilac

Where gardenias flaunt their sweetness, lilacs rely on more subtly sweet scents to get their point across. These restrained purple flowers give off a modest smell strong enough to mask other odors, while not being too intrusive. Adding some lilac flowers to your apartment can give it a more relaxed and chilled atmosphere. Trust us, we’re speaking from experience!

Some lilacs don’t have any scent at all, though, so do a bit of research before making a purchase. The most fragrant lilacs tend to be the red, pink, white, and light-blue varieties.

7. Jasmine

Even though jasmines hail from the tropics, there’s just something about them that gives off some good ol’ down-home, country vibes. We’re assuming this has to do with their small, charming blossoms that have a sense of modesty and virtue about them. Whatever the case, we freaking love them!

Jasmines also boast one of the most tasteful smells in the natural world. And because of that, they are commonly used in perfume, cosmetics, tea, and aromatherapy.

Fun fact: their fragrance becomes more intense at night, especially when there is a full moon!

8. Citrus

We’re going to cut to the chase on this one, because you probably already guessed that citrus flowers give off… well, a citrus-y scent. And who doesn’t like the smell of oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit permeating their home?

9. Lavender

There should be zero noise made about ranking lavender this high. I mean, go to your local store and just look at the insane amount of products containing lavender’s delectable scent. Bath products? Check. Cosmetics? Check. Perfumes? Check. Lotions and creams? Check. Tea? Check. That’s right: You can count lavender among the edible flowers on this list. Don’t be surprised if they show up on the next latte menu you browse! Lavender is literally everywhere you look these days… or smell.

10. Rose

You shouldn’t be surprised at all that roses get the crown. There’s absolutely nothing better than the smell of a fresh bouquet of roses, especially when it’s from the exceptionally handsome special man in our lives. And roses don’t just smell good – like lilies, they’re one of a handful of edible flowers that taste as good in desserts as they smell in your living room. But be warned: our products aren’t recommended to casually snack on, so we suggest that you look into some delicious food-grade roses for your baking needs!


We hope we haven’t offended too many of you with our ranking of best-smelling flowers. (Appeals will be handled by our specially appointed council of bees.) Luckily, when it comes to ordering handcrafted bouquets, we don’t discriminate!

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