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What to Consider When Buying Fresh Orchids

Fresh Orchids Delivered

There’s something kind of magical about orchids. Just looking at them instantly transports you to a luxurious tropical destination. Other flowers are beautiful and each has their own set of enthralling attributes, but does any other flower have that kind of teleportation ability?

Of course, for all its lovely facets, the stunning orchid has its own set of quirks. If you’re planning on shopping for fresh orchids you’d be well advised to get informed on what to look for in a bouquet and how to take care of your orchids. After all, you want that allure to last as long as possible, right? If you’re thinking of picking up an orchid bouquet for yourself or having some fresh orchids delivered to a friend, read on to discover some key points about this exotic beauty.


Cut Orchids:

Life Span

If you’re looking for a cut orchid bouquet you’ll want to know a bit about some of the more popular types. There are more than 25,000 different species of orchids, so you’ll probably never be an expert, but having some knowledge on some of the most popular orchids sold in your area can help you get more bang for your buck. That way you’ll have a better idea of what to look for when you’re out browsing or scheduling your orchid delivery from home.

Cut orchids can last from several days to several weeks, depending on the type and how they are cared for. For example, Cymbidium orchids can last for around a month if kept in water. In contrast, Dendrobium and Oncidium orchids usually last for only about a week. Certainly, go with the orchids you’re most attracted to, but if you’re torn between two then maybe opt for the hardier variety.

Life Extenders

When you’re picking up cut orchids or scheduling an orchid delivery you want them to retain their beauty as long as possible. Try to look for orchid stems with flowers that are partially opened. You may be tempted to buy stems that have a bunch of unopened buds, thinking that they will all open up soon after. Unfortunately, if you do this you may be disappointed as the flowers quickly stop developing once cut. You may also want to ask your florist if the stems have been pulse treated. Orchids are quite sensitive to ethylene, which causes the flowers to wilt quickly. Pulse treatment can make orchids less sensitive to ethylene and therefore, extend their life.


Potted Orchids:

Health Check

When shopping for potted orchids there are a few key points to check. If you’re able to have a look at the roots, they should be dark green when wet and light green when dry. If the roots look tan when wet and white when dry, then the plant is on its way out.

Leaves of orchid plants are quite varied depending on the type of orchid, but in general, they should be slightly yellow/green in color, thick and hard. When you inspect the blooms, avoid plants with yellowed or shriveled blooms; instead, opt for a plant with many unopened blooms. Also, try to find a plant that is labeled with the species or hybrid name so that you can look up information on its specific care.

A Gentle Transition

If you’re shopping for a potted orchid you’re probably hoping to get a plant that’s in bloom, but that may not be the best option. While it’s more emotionally satisfying to bring home a plant with a striking bloom or two already on it, the flowers are likely to die off quickly. Orchids aren’t big fans of change. They need time to slowly adapt to new surroundings. If you can’t resist buying a plant with an open bloom or are giving it as a gift and want to make a statement, pick up one that has some unopened buds too.

Buying an orchid plant that’s not yet in bloom gives it a better chance of adjusting to new surroundings before it puts a bunch of energy into flowering. Orchid plants should be treated very delicately when they’re first brought home. Placing them somewhere out of direct sunlight and away from drafts is a good idea. Also, though orchids love humidity, being careful not to overwater them is important. Too much water can cause black rot and kill the plant.

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