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7 Animals Who Love Flowers Just Like Us

Animals That Pollinate Plants

Okay – it’s no secret that here at The Bouqs Co., flowers are pretty popular. In fact, we might just be flowers’ Number One Fan. But if you’ve ever spent time in a flower garden, you know we have some competition in the official flower fan club. From the insects and animals that pollinate plants to the ones who just have a sweet tooth for nectar, we guess we’re willing to share.

The truth is, animal and insect pollination is just one crucial facet of the support our friends from the animal kingdom offer to our favorite petaled plants, from the gardens in our backyards to the farms that supply our fresh, sustainable Bouqs. Not only do insects and small animals feed on and help flowers reproduce, but they can also protect our garden treasures from pests. Plus, many of them are just so cute!

Below, check out seven friendly, helpful animals that pollinate plants, eat or drink from flowers, or just plain like to hang around those beautiful, bright blooms. We can’t blame them!



We probably don’t have to tell you that bees are practically synonymous with the term “insect pollination”. Still, a list about animals that pollinate plants wouldn’t be complete without these hardworking insects!

Though we tend to think most commonly of bumblebees and honeybees, there are at least 250 species of this humble bug buzzing around worldwide. And while some of those species are more helpful to the environment and others more useful to humans, there’s no doubt that without the bees, plant reproduction wouldn’t be the same.


Also called “ladybirds” and “lady beetles,” ladybugs don’t so much eat or pollinate flowers as much as protect them, earning them yet another title: gardener’s best friend.

Attracted to plants like dill, fennel, and the low-maintenance yarrow, these iconic garden-party bugs wage lifelong battles against harmful pests. Both as larvae and as adults, ladybugs love to snack on aphids, mites, and mealybugs – with all the grace and class of a true lady, if we do say so ourselves.


You’ve probably seen your fair share of caterpillars chilling on the stems of flowers, and that’s no coincidence! Caterpillars don’t just feed on the nutrients offered by plants and flowers as diverse as parsley, willow, violet, aster, and daisy – they make sure their larvae won’t have to travel far for food by laying their eggs right on the flowers. Room service, anyone?

Moths & Butterflies

We know caterpillars love flowers, so it should come as no surprise that butterflies and moths do too. While there are thousands of species of moth, butterflies are much sparser in number, possibly contributing to their allure. In fact, Great Britain has made an annual event of going outside and observing as many butterflies as possible. Sounds pretty peaceful to us!

Moths and butterflies especially love purple and yellow flowers, so keep the violet, lavender, and sunflower going.


You knew this was coming, right? Hummingbirds may be the most famous pollinators behind bees, and they’re also arguably our biggest contender for the title of Number One Flower Fan. Hummingbirds seriously love flowers – or rather, flowers’ nectar – so much so that they’re apparently willing to expend more energy just to get at the sweetest ones, which tend to hang upside-down.

So what flowers do hummingbirds like? If you want more of these little guys hovering around your garden, consider planting plenty of bee balm, butterfly bush, or lily. As the names suggest, the bees and butterflies will thank you, too!


Imagine a hedgehog. Now imagine a hedgehog donning a miniature sun hat and the world’s tiniest gardening gloves – because, as if hedgehogs weren’t already cute enough, they’re also another (adorable) “gardener’s friend”.

Luckily, they won’t eat up our flowers. Instead, they use them for shelter while munching on the beetles and caterpillars crawling on them. (Sorry, caterpillars!)


Yep – it’s now understood that lizards carry pollen on their little lizard feet, helping our favorite flowers reproduce. Surprised? So were scientists! But now that you know the role of lizards in plant pollination, you can (hopefully) feel a bit less grossed out next time you see a mini dinosaur slithering away from your favorite rosebush.


Of course, for those of us who aren’t as excited about crawling critters as our gardener friends, the details of insect pollination and which flowers hummingbirds like might fall on deaf ears. Luckily, The Bouqs Co. lets you take the garden inside with handcrafted, cut-to-order Bouqs for any occasion!

What sets us apart from other online flower companies is our dedication to updating the flower delivery process for the 21st century. We cut our stems when you order and your bouquet ships directly from premium flower farms direct to your recipient’s door. You send long-lasting blooms

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