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4 Tips for Longer Lasting Flowers From The Pros

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Bright-bloomed flowers will improve any space. Those beautiful Valentine’s Day roses, Mother’s Day flowers or birthday lilies never fail to brighten the mood.

To keep flowers alive longer make sure they are fresh cut and never get flowers that sit in a dingy warehouse. Find a place that won’t cut flowers until you place an order, so blooms are guaranteed to be weeks fresher than everywhere else. Instead of simply hoping for flowers to last a few days you can expect them to last up to two or three weeks with proper care if they are cut fresh when you order.

Here are some simple and effective green-thumb tips to keep flowers lasting longer, blooming brighter, and smelling great:

Warm/Cool the Water

Water temperature affects the blooms and how quickly they open. If you’d like to open flowers faster use room temperature water. The warmth allows for faster absorption of the H2O through the stems, causing the bloom to open faster. It’s kind of like taking a warm bath, your muscles relax. Once open, use cool water (or simply add some ice cubes to the vase) in order to keep the blooms lasting longer. Though water still absorbs into the stem, colder water slows any decay, bacteria, or mold from breaking down the organic matter.

Change Water Regularly

Clean, fresh water not only guarantees bacteria and mold do not build in the water, but also allows you the opportunity to feed the flowers regularly. For the longest lasting blooms change the water everyday, but every few days is also fine. Either way, you don’t drink just one cup of water a week and neither should your flowers. Keep them fresh and hydrated.

Add Pennies or Soda

It seems strange, but adding a few pennies and a teaspoon of sugar to the water in the vase increases the pH of the water slightly. This will prevent any small bacteria or microbes from growing in the water and deteriorating the flowers. Similarly, soda can do the same thing. The sugar in clear sodas such as Sprite, 7-Up or Dr. Enuf nourishes the plants and keeps blooms bright and lasting longer. Add no more than a quarter cup to the water in the vase.

Trim the Stems ¼ Inch Per Day

Simple and regular trimming allows for absorption and hydration. Always cut stems at an angle, and trimming a quarter inch off each stem per day will keep the blooms strong, nourished and beautiful.

Keeping flowers alive and healthy is easier than it sounds. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, these quick tips will make an impact on the lifespan of your blooms.

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