What Are the Symbolic Meanings of Wedding Flowers?

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If you’re planning a wedding, you’re likely overwhelmed with a mountain of information on everything from wedding venues to bands to cutlery to the ever-awkward seating arrangements. (Is it ever OK to seat exes next to each other!?)

Still, one of the biggest decisions that has to be made is on what amazing wedding flowers are going to help make your big day as super special as possible. Flowers in wedding celebrations are always a major focal point of the day, setting the tone for the celebration and making the whole day one to remember for the rest of your life, or at least until your guest’s hangovers wear off the next morning.


Here are the symbolic meanings behind the most popular wedding flowers:

Baby’s Breath

These delicate little flowers are a favorite for the groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres, as well as for making those cute floral wreaths for flower girls. Small and white, they symbolize innocence, though this may be far more applicable to the flower girls than the groomsmen.

Calla Lilies

Coming in a variety of colors, calla lilies are very common in bridal centerpieces. They have a long history of meaning, with the Ancient Greeks and Romans believing they were so beautiful that they even made the gods jealous. Commonly connected to fertility, calla lilies can be used to add some traditional symbolism to bridal bouquets.


One of the major signs of spring, daffodils symbolize rebirth and renewal, perfect for the fresh journey you are about to begin with your partner in life and love. They also add a great dash of bold color to wedding bouquets and table arrangements.

Cherry Blossom

It’s nearly worth having a spring wedding just to have cherry blossoms in the bridal centerpieces. The spectacular pink buds and soft and delicate petals honor the happiness and beauty of your young marriage and are only in season for a short time, so plan accordingly!


Connected with the emotion of joy, mums have broad happy faces and come in a wide variety of colors. Due to their symbolism, they make excellent flowers in wedding bouquets, as they’re bound to spread happiness all around the venue with their gorgeous, bold colors.


The sign of cleverness, if you’re planning a marriage of intellects, then Clematis is the flower for you. They may seem slight and delicate, being a member of the buttercup family, but they can come in a variety of vivid colors and tend to draw the eye into their hidden depths.

Red Roses

The near-universal sign of passion and love, the red rose is, of course, one of the most amazing wedding flowers. Acceptable at virtually every wedding celebration, from casual to formal, red roses set a tone for the celebration of romance in its truest form.

White Rose

White roses are almost a constant as flowers in wedding arrangements because of their symbolism of innocence and purity. For similar reasons to the bride wearing white, a big emphasis was placed on purity historically, which today can be seen as the clear and pure nature of the love between those being wed.

A combination of red and white roses together is a symbol of a unity of the love and true dedication the couple has for each other.


Peonies are popular wedding flowers because they are thought to bring good fortune and are a sign of ambition. They are amazing wedding flowers for all those power couples out there who know that they’ll be even stronger together.


The deep purple of the iris can add a regal atmosphere to your celebration. It also carries a weight of meaning, symbolizing three desirable traits: faith, valor, and wisdom. Including irises in your wedding bouquets ensures a touch of class on your big day.

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Whichever amazing wedding flowers you choose for your wedding day, it’s always good to know what the meaning is behind them. Your wedding bouquets and bridal centerpieces can be so much more than just beautiful; they can also convey a powerful message about the love you and your partner share for each other and the hopes and dreams you have for your new life together.

At that’s exactly what we deliver, farm-fresh and fabulous wedding bouquets that add a deeper meaning to your most special of days.

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