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The Best Tropical Plants & How to Care for Them

Tropical Houseplants Care

Raise your hand if you feel like you could use a tropical vacation right about now! You know, the kind of vacation where you could put your feet in the sand, grab a piña colada, and enjoy the sunshine with not a care in the world (other than grabbing your next piña colada when the one you already have is empty). Everyone should be raising their hands! But the reality for most of us is that our next tropical vacation is far off in the distance.

In the meantime, we could all use a little tropical infusion in our lives, and what better a way than with some tropical houseplants? Houseplants are good for our health as is, so adding a nice, tropical vibe could only be even better. If your house or office space needs a little breath of fresh air and color, look no further than the tropical houseplant.

Another added bonus: tropical houseplant care is typically really easy. Most of these plants have very basic needs and are very relaxed when it comes to regular care. What this means is when you add a tropical houseplant to your life, it’s not another rigorous chore to be added to your to-do list. It’s a lot of pretty and relaxing views with very little work. Check out a few of the best tropical houseplants and tips for how to care for them!


Rubber Plants

Rubber plants, otherwise known as rubber trees or Ficus Elastica, are a great option as far as tropical houseplants. They have large glossy leaves that are either solid green or a combination of colors and boy do their leaves fill any room with life!

Rubber Plant Care: When it comes to tropical houseplant care, rubber plants are like most tropical houseplants- pretty simple to care for as long as you know what they like. The first thing that you need to know is that they are typically a floor plant, or they don’t do well in pots smaller than 6”. Make sure your rubber plant has room to grow! They like medium to high amount of sunlight, just be careful that they aren’t too hot where they sit, or they may burn. Rubber plants like to be watered about every seven days, maybe a bit more in the winter.  Lastly, they need a well-draining organic. As long as your rubber plant has these things, they will be pretty happy!

Snake Plants

Snake plants come in a lot of different sizes and are ready to clean the air in your home with its green spiky leaves! The snake plant goes by a few names, they are known as the snake plant; the mother-in-law’s tongue; bowstring hemp; the devil’s tongue; or the lucky plant. Not only are these tropical houseplants good for the air, but they are also “tolerant to neglect” AKA all my wannabe plant parents who have killed more than their fair share of plants need to try again with a snake plant. Even if you forget about them for a bit, they are very resilient!

Snake Plant Care: This is another tropical houseplant care to do list that is very easy. First off, when it comes to sunlight, the snake plant will do well in light shade to full sunlight. Next, when it comes to watering, you let the snake plant’s soil dry out completely between watering (hence their tolerance to neglect). That is about all you need to know when it comes to caring for your snake plant! They are simple plants with simple needs.


Begonias are a tropical houseplant fan favorite for their bright pink, white, or scarlet leaves. If you are looking for a tropical houseplant to brighten up any room, the begonia is your plant!

Begonia Care: As is the trend with tropical houseplant care, the begonia is also fairly easy to care for. They need bright light through a window and water only when the top inch or so of the soil has dried out. This is why they are commonplace in window box planters, they love to get some sunshine!

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreens are tropical houseplants that grow beautiful, green, leathery leaves with the occasional silver marbling. From time to time, the Chinese Evergreens leaves grow a calla-like blooms that develop red berries.

Chinese Evergreen Care: When it comes to tropical houseplant care for the Chinese Evergreen, they like it to be mostly to completely shady where they sit. The Chinese Evergreen likes their soil to stay evenly moist and they like all-purpose soil.


And there you have it — our picks for the best tropical houseplants anyone can have in their humble abode. We at The Bouqs Co. also offers a collection of our very own lush greens! Whisk yourself away on the best stay-cation with some brand new indoor plants to call your own.

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