Summer of Love: Fun Ideas for a Summer Date

Summer Date Ideas

Summer is the season of days spent by the pool, in the great outdoors, or partaking in some sweet summer lovin’! Whether you have been in a long-term relationship or you’re just starting out as a couple, you probably want to start thinking about how you can spend some quality time with your partner. We want to commemorate all the couples out there who are spending these warmer months in each other’s company by providing some fun summer date ideas!   1. Mini golf It’s time to engage in some friendly competition. Take your date mini golfing and see if who can score the most points – loser buys dinner after! 2. Berry picking If you and your partner are nearby a berry farm, see if they offer berry picking for the summer. Not only is it fun to snack on some fruit while you’re working, you might even be able to bring home some of those fresh picks too! 3. Rooftop brunch What better way to have brunch with your date than to have a scenic view accompany the both of you? Bring your significant other to a rooftop brunch spot and enjoy a delicious meal while overseeing the cityscape! 4. Visit a farmer’s market Support local businesses and bring home some fresh goods by visiting the nearest farmer’s market! If you and your date are both looking to switch over to a more sustainable lifestyle, heading over to a local farmer’s market is actually a great start. 5. Make your own ice cream Ice cream is definitely a summer staple, so if you and your ice-cream-loving boo are willing to get crafty with it, we suggest making your own batch at home! It’s as simple as an ice cream maker and some of your favorite ingredients. 6. Bonfire group date If you and your other taken friends feel like rallying together for an ultimate group date, then hit the group invite for a summer night bonfire! Bring out the drinks, s’mores and creepy stories, and you are bound to have a great time with greater company. 7. Botanical garden Summer flowers are in bloom and ready for your viewing pleasure. Take your partner on a date to a botanical garden where you can enjoy all the wonderful floral beauties that Mother Nature has to offer!   Now that you have an idea in mind for you and your summer-lovin’ sweetheart, we want to make sure you end every romantic date with farm-fresh flowers fit for the occasion. Gifting one of our seasonal Bouqs is enough to get that special someone fall head over heels for you – yes, even if they’re a long-term lover! Shop from our eco-friendly floral collection today to relay those special feelings to that special person.

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