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SOS! How To Care for Your Wilting Bouq

Fresh Cut Flowers

So you’ve just received a fresh new Bouq and you can’t wait for it to fill your home with beauty and lovely fragrances. As your Bouq blooms and grows, you’ll only come to love it more and more, but don’t you want to make it last as long as you can? Keeping fresh cut flowers looking their best is the biggest struggle new Bouq owners come across.

While you sadly won’t be able to keep your cut flowers fresh forever, we can provide a few simple steps for how to revive dying flowers and keep them looking pristine as long as naturally possible.


It’s All About the Environment

As soon as you receive your beautiful Bouq, make sure you keep it away from drafts, harsh breezes, and extreme temperatures. These will cause the petals to wilt faster and start to droop. Your fresh cut flowers want to remain moist and strong, especially when they are in their pre-bloom stage.

Keep your blooms away from any fruit and out of the path of cigarette smoke. Any wafts of ethylene gas can be deadly to various types of flowers. As much as you probably want your Bouq to sit in the spotlight and soak up sun, keep it away from the windowsill and any extreme heat. Any area with full sun can cause your fresh cut flowers to overheat and die.

The best strategy for keeping cut flowers fresh is putting them in a cool room with partial sunlight. This will give them the temperature and atmosphere they need to stand strong, and with any luck, you won’t have to worry about how to revive dying flowers.

Keep Your Bouq Hydrated

Just as outdoor flowers need water, fresh cut flowers need constant fresh water as well. The stems of your vibrant Bouq should be fully submerged in water at all times. Keeping cut flowers fresh means making sure they are hydrated with clean water.

Trimming back any dead leaves or wilted flowers is also crucial to keeping the rest of the Bouq beautiful and fresh. You should clean the vase out after removing the dead leaves, stems, and blooms. This will keep the vase free of any bacteria the dead flowers produced that can harm your fresh cut flowers.

Flower food and preservatives that come packaged with your Bouq should be mixed in with the fresh water in order to keep fresh cut flowers happy and bright.

Unexpected Pro Tips

Most people are unaware that common household items can aid in keeping cut flowers fresh longer. Before you look to throw away anything you consider as waste, check if it can serve a different purpose.

Soda is usually considered to be nothing but rotten for humans, but fresh cut flowers love it! Add ¼ cup of your leftover soda (preferably clear, such as Sprite) into the vase water. The blossoms will soak up the sugar and stay strong and vibrant for much longer.

Hairspray has many purposes, and one of its best features is keeping your flowers looking fresh. After your blooms open, stand one foot away from the Bouq and spritz the underside of the petals and leaves. Do not douse the Bouq in hairspray. It only needs one quick spray.

A good trick to keep bacteria from growing is dropping a penny and a sugar cube in the water. The copper penny will provide acidity to prevent partial bacteria growth. If you don’t have a penny on hand, vodka also acts as a great bacteria killer. Just add a few drops of the clear spirit and a teaspoon of sugar to the water. The water must be changed every other day along with the vodka and sugar.

Order a Beautiful Bouq Today

Now that you know how to keep your fresh cut flowers looking strong and healthy for as long as possible, order a uniquely handcrafted Bouq today!

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