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September Birth Flowers: What You Need to Know

September Birth Flower

In addition to Zodiac signs and birthstones, each month has its own unique birth flowers that represent the people born in that month. In September, there are two birth flowers: aster and morning glory.

When you think of September, you think of autumn arriving and summer passing; the falling brown and orange leaves and cool weather. It’s nothing short of magical. No other flowers in the world fit fall’s tranquil vibes better than aster and morning glory, with their downright gorgeous petals and blooms.


About Aster & Morning Glory

Although aster looks similar to daisies,  it’s actually part of the sunflower family. But asters tend to be much more colorful than common sunflowers. Even though they are most well known for their vibrant, deep bluish-purple form, they also can range from white all the way to orange and red. “Aster” is named after the Greek word for star, which makes perfect sense considering its star-shaped bloom.

Morning glory, the other September birth flower, is a climbing flower that can survive in poor, dry soil and is commonly seen growing along fences and houses. The morning glory flower itself appears full, lush, and velvety. Like aster, they’re most known for their blue and purple blooms that are impossible to ignore. On top of that, their tangling vines can grow as high as 15 feet tall. Fun fact: Water morning glory is a staple veggie dish in many Asian countries—and it’s quite tasty! Try it if you get the chance!

Now that you have an idea of what makes the September birth flowers so attractive, it’s time to dig down into their awesome backgrounds and symbolism. C’mon, let’s roll around in the soil a bit!

Aster Symbolism and Meanings

According to Greek mythology, the goddess Astraea was saddened by how few stars were in the sky. When she cried, her tears fell to the earth and sprouted as star-shaped asters. At that moment, the flower was named after her. Another legend says that when the Greek god Virgo scattered stardust across the earth, asters bloomed as a result.

During the Victorian era in England, people would commonly use flowers to send secret, coded messages to each other. A message with an aster signified love and devotion to the recipient.

Each different color of aster also carries with it a specific meaning:

  • Purple asters represent wisdom and royalty
  • Pink asters symbolize love and femininity
  • Red asters are a sign of deep devotion
  • White asters are associated with purity and innocence 

Morning Glory Symbolism and Meanings

Morning glory flowers bloom and die in one day. For this reason, during the Victorian era, morning glory was known as a symbol of remembrance and never-ending love for those who have passed. They were often placed above gravestones. This is also reflected in Christianity, where morning glory represents the unavoidable mortality of all living beings.

On a less heavy note, in Chinese folklore, two people fell so deeply in love with each other that they began ignoring all of their duties and responsibilities in life. The heavens didn’t like this very much, so the gods said that these two lovers could meet only one day a year and not a day more. Still, to this day, morning glory represents these lovers and has been a symbol of unrequited love and eternal desire in China ever since.

Famous September Birthdays

If you were born during the month of September, here are just a few of the talented, hilarious, and amazing people you share a birthday month with:

  • Beyonce, September 4th
  • Fiona Apple, September 13th
  • Prince Harry, September 15th
  • Nick Jonas, September 16th
  • Jimmy Fallon, September 19th 

September Birthday Flower Delivery

As you can see, the September birth flowers are pretty darn cool. If you’re looking for a bouquet that contains aster or morning glory to commemorate that special September baby in your life, head over to The Bouqs Co. and grab a handmade Bouq from one of our artisan florists.

Their special birthday flower delivery will not only wow the person you give it to, but it will put everyone who comes across it in the perfect autumn mood.

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