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How to Keep Your Plants Alive While on Vacation

Indoor Plant Care On Vacation

You finally arranged your work schedule so you can use all the vacation time you’ve been storing up. You’ve got your passport, your suitcase packed, and someone to watch your cat. But as you take one long look around your beautiful home, you realize with horror that you haven’t made a plan for your plants. Don’t let this happen to you.

Instead of panicking about whether your neighbor remembers you asking about your schedule for watering plants while on vacation, check out these DIY indoor plant care tips for keeping your plants alive while you’re away. Then, sit back and relax on the plane knowing you’ll come home as queen of your houseplant care throne.


Plan Your Indoor Garden Ahead of Time

If you’re reading up on indoor plant care preemptively as research before purchasing, consider choosing plants that fit your lifestyle. Succulents are an excellent option for the professional jetsetter and can withstand a bit of neglect for the weeks before a big deadline at work. Succulents require about once-a-week watering and can add to a variety of aesthetics including mid-century modern, boho chic, or traditional styles.

Check out our indoor plant care guide for tips on choosing the right option for your home.

Ask a Trusted Friend

If you have a best friend with a green thumb for indoor plant care who isn’t planning to spend a week with you at the beach, consider asking them to pop in for watering plants while on vacation. It’s such a comfort knowing that your little [Aloe] Vera, Cactus Everdeen, and Morgan Treeman will be getting their nightly lullaby while you’re gone.

It’ll also give you a good opportunity to test said friend for the next time you go on vacation to determine whether or not they can also watch your cat. Fancy kennels for Mr. Fluffy are expensive, and you could be spending that money on mai tais.

Set Up an Houseplant Plant Care Bath

If you don’t have a trusted friend, or you don’t have the heart to ask, consider setting up a plant bath for your plant babies who need to be watered often. Fill a shallow basin, like a kitty litter bin or tupperware container with water and pebbles or small rocks. Add water to level with the top of the rocks and place your plants on top. They’ll be able to pull the water up without getting root rot from being submerged the whole time you’re gone. As an alternative, you can do the same thing in your bathtub with a couple of damp towels underneath.

Create a Plant Haven

You can create your own mini houseplant care greenhouse using a plastic bag, a couple of straws or chopsticks, and a piece of yarn or twine. This will keep the moisture in the environment of your plant and make sure it doesn’t get too cold while you’re gone. To get started, stick the chopsticks or straws into the soil enough so they stand up. They should be taller than your plant. Then place the plastic bag over the top, ensuring the bag doesn’t touch your plant directly. Tie the string around the pot and make sure it’s pulled tight to seal the moisture in.

Create an Auto-Watering System

To get started with this houseplant care system, you’ll need a bit of imagination, a ¼ inch braided nylon cord, and a vase, in addition to the plant you love. Fill the container with water nearly to the top, and place the cord into the bottom of the container. Put the other end of the cord into the potted plant, about three inches deep into the soil. As the plant needs water, it will pull it from the vase using the cord the same way it does with its own roots.

Pro-tip: don’t fret too much about watering plants while on vacation. If all else fails and your houseplants don’t make it through the trip, you can still pretty up your home with beautifully fresh Bouqs from The Bouqs Company.

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