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Flower Dictionary: 12 Modernized Bloom Meanings from the Victorian Era

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Ahh the Victorian Era, a time when corsets were so tight that even the slightest glance from a member of the opposite sex could cause a girl to faint. Because of this reason (and maybe some other conservative societal standards) interactions were limited.

For someone to express emotion they often found a different way to send a message. If a man wanted to hit up the society hottie, he needed to compose a note or poem, sing a sweet love lullaby, OR he could give flowers.

Flower giving became a popular way to convey feelings. The sender would create meaning by selecting different flowers based on their symbolism. In turn, the recipient would then decipher the flowers; cue he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not anxiety. This process was known as The Language of Flowers. It was so popular that people went as far as to purchase helpful guides with bloom color and variety definitions; because heaven forbid a white daisy is confused with a white carnation definition. Disastrous.

Today, a 2am “Hey, you up?” message from your crush is sometimes as exciting as it gets. Imagine having a violet pressed into your palm in passing, to express adoration. Oolala, the intrigue.

Almost every flower has a meaning, but here we have gathered a few of the most popular:

Baby’s Breath – Innocence. Think: A pair of white sneakers that haven’t been taken out of the box.

Calla Lily – Extreme Beauty. Think: Audrey, not Marilyn.

Carnation – Devoted Love. Think: that 80-year-old couple holding hands while walking. 

Daisy – Secret. Think: Let’s not tell anyone about the make-out sesh, OK?

Freesia – Trust. Think: If we did a trust fall, I would not bend my knees.

Iris – A Promise of Love. Think: I’m going to go make my first million, and when I do, I’m buying you a fatty diamond ring.

Lily – Purity of Heart. Think: That one friend who still gets ripped-off by the Ray-Ban sale on Facebook.

Poppy – Imagination. Think: Why am I painting the canvas, when the canvas could be painting me?

Ranunculus – Dazzling. Think: How are their eyes so sparkly, their skin so flawless, their muscles so toned? 

Red Rose – Love. Think: And it’s not even infatuation! 

Yellow Rose – Friendship. Think: FRIEND-ZONE. 

Tulip – Wonderful Lover. Think: A lady in the streets, but a freak in the…

We’ll stop there.

So, maybe the next time you send flowers, concentrate on what the flowers mean and add a little oomph to the already sweet sentiment. Either way, people are touched by a farm-fresh flower delivery, so try something new when making your selections! If anything, it makes the selection process more of a game, and we like games!

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