Gorgeous Plants That Bloom in the Fall

Plants That Bloom In The Fall

The year’s most colorful season brings along with it stunning changes in nature. Let us embrace this season with vigor and find relief from those sticky summer days. From pumpkin flavored everything to soft cashmere sweaters, fall is the ultimate time of year to discover new seasonal colors and flavors. When the leaves start to change colors, and we update our nail polish shades, plants of the floral variety start to don their own fall ensembles. Let’s take a look at some of the most breathtaking plants that bloom in the fall.


Cheerful and Bright Tulips

Although tulips bloom just about year-round, this time of year the tulip thrives! Appearing in just about any color you can imagine, these beauties have a near perfect symmetrical petal. With its versatile shape and petite size, the tulip makes an excellent accent to all your fall decor.  Plus, the tulip has a signature soft and sweet scent that will remind you of a perfect and sunny autumn day.

The Pretty Pansy

Delicate and sweet, the pansy appears in cool shades that are reminiscent of a calm autumn evening. Hang this flower in decorative hanging baskets, so the blooms cascade out in a delicate  waterfall to create a welcoming and homey atmosphere. With proper care, pansies will bloom in the fall and then again in the spring, from April to June, before the weather heats up.

Grab Attention with Aster

Unlike the traditional fall colors of orange and red, aster gives off a striking color palette that’s perfect for your fall backdrop. The lilac petals are smooth and plentiful which creates a dazzling and  bountiful arrangement that’s absolutely beautiful to behold. It is said that the aster is a favorite amongst the butterflies and bees, so don’t be surprised if you see a few of them buzzing around your garden.

Be Bold with the Black-Eyed Susan

Although these flowers typically start blooming in June and July, it’s not uncommon for them to stick around through October. These lovely flowers bear a yellow daisy-like petal and a striking ‘eye’ in its center. The Black-Eyed Susan is a perfect fall flower with its warm golden tones. Pair this flower with the aster for an especially striking autumn display.

Gorgeous Garden Mums

Mums are noteworthy amongst gardeners for their ability to thrive throughout the season. This fall, grab some garden mums to add to your garden and don’t be surprised if they bloom again in June or July. These flowers come in classic autumn hues of orange,  gold, and bronze and they carry a warm floral scent that pairs well with cinnamon spice and pumpkin.

Change it up with Cabbages and Kales

For a whimsical twist to the typical autumnal flora, try planting some cabbages and flowering kale. Not only does it add an earthy texture to any landscape, but their vibrant green sprouts are absolutely beautiful when paired with the tulips and other flowers on this list.

Add Distinction with Dianthus & Magnolia

Dianthus, or carnations to us non-gardeners, boasts petals in reds and whites that blend seamlessly with the colors of autumn. Its scent is as strong as it is sweet; it’s sure to awaken your senses. The lovely white hue of the magnolia is the perfect autumn blend, and its elegant flower will flourish all the way through the winter season.


The autumn season is already blooming with stunning flowers. There are many options to fulfill your perfect fall landscape, so which flowers will you choose to celebrate this beautiful season of transition and growth? Let us help you choose! We have a dreamy fall flower collection, and all our blooms are organic and fresh from the farm. We take special care to keep each season full of the best flowers nature has to offer, so welcome this delightful season with a gorgeous seasonal Bouq from yours truly.

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