DIY Affordable Centerpieces For Parties

DIY Centerpieces

There are holidays and reasons to celebrate seemingly every day! From New Years Eve through Valentine’s Day, then suddenly it’s Halloween and the holiday season is upon us. If you go on Instagram, new holidays pop up almost every day. Did you know that January 27 is national chocolate cake day? That’s a holiday no one wants to miss out on!

With all of these holidays and events to plan parties for, it can be overwhelming to figure out the details like what food to make, who to invite, and how to decorate. One way to really make your party, wedding, or other event stand out is with one of these four DIY centerpieces!


Fresh Fruit Centerpieces

With fresh fruits or vegetables, you can choose your centerpiece depending on the vibe you want to create at your party. Do you want to create an island living, summertime vibe for a summertime wedding? Make this DIY wedding centerpiece with a pineapple. Do you need fall centerpieces for your thanksgiving table? Grab some gourds! Fresh fruit and vegetable centerpieces are a good choice because they can be picked out special to match your party.

Supplies Needed

  • Assorted large fruits or vegetables
  • Variety of flowers
  • Floral Foam
  • Votive holder
  • Scissors
  • Knife


  1. Once you have selected your fruits and or vegetables, take a knife and cut the top off of the fruit or vegetable.
  2. Carve out a hole the size and depth of the votive holder. Bonus points: you now have a yummy snack!
  3. Carve a piece of floral foam and put it in the votive holder. Fill the votive holder with water.
  4. Trim the flowers and place one by one into the floral foam.


Glow Jar Centerpieces

This DIY centerpiece captures a whole solar system in one jar! Maybe you have a party or a wedding that keeps bumping late into the night. You’ll need a DIY wedding centerpiece to help you and your guests light up the night with a good time. Glow jars are easy to make and will brighten up your table.

Supplies Needed

  • Mason jars
  • Two glow sticks per jar
  • Scissors
  • Rubber gloves
  • Safety glasses


  1. Put on those rubber gloves and safety goggles! The chemicals inside a glow stick can be an irritant on your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. The safety glasses will be sure these chemicals steer clear of your eyes, as they will burn them. Safety first!
  2. Grab two glow sticks and a mason jar. Stick the ends of the glow sticks into the jar and cut the ends off with your scissors. Make sure everything falls into the jar, some glow sticks contain a glass vile that breaks when you activate the glow stick. If that’s the case, you’ll throw the glow stick contents away but it’s best to keep them in the jar and not on the ground.
  3. Shake all of the glowing liquids into the jar until the glow stick is completely empty.
  4. Get a trash can and dump everything from the jar into the trash can. Swirl the liquids around the jar so they glow all over! That’s it, these glowing DIY centerpieces are ready to light up your night. Tip: they will glow for about an hour in warm temperatures.


Vintage Tea Tin Centerpieces

These are an easy way to spice up your afternoon tea party or bridal shower. Vintage tea tins are found at thrift shops or online, and once you’ve found those, the DIY centerpieces are basically already ready to add character to any table. Just add flowers and voila!


  • Vintage tea tins
  • Fresh flowers
  • Scissors 


  1. Fill the tea tins with water. Trim your flowers and arrange them in the tea tins. It’s really that easy! 



The cornucopia is definitely the most iconic of all the fall centerpieces. When you think of Thanksgiving, images of a family sitting around a table full of food and cornucopias probably come to mind already. The word cornucopia means horn of plenty, so if you use this as your DIY centerpiece, your Thanksgiving guests will know that they are about to have a plentiful feast!


  1. Wrap the wicker cornucopia frame with the burlap. Trim any extra burlap with your scissors, but make sure to leave enough to fold the burlap under the edges of the cornucopia.
  2. Hot glue the burlap to the cornucopia frame. Make sure to glue the burlap in several areas and press firmly so the burlap sticks. Fold the burlap edges under and glue to the frame. This way you will create a clean hem.
  3. Pull together a 3/4 inch think hank of raffia. Using string, tie a knot around one end of the hank and clip it to the table. Wind he string around the raffia at 2-inch intervals to make a yard long rope.
  4. When you reach the other end of the raffia, tie a knot. You have one raffia rope! Repeat these two steps, you’ll need two raffia ropes. Once you have two raffia tops, usr a short live of jute string to tie them together to create one double-length rope.
  5. Make enough ropes to cover the wicker cornucopia. Once you have enough, tie the end of one of the raffia ropes to the top of the cornucopia with string. Wrap the raffia around the cornucopia and apply hot glue as you go. Once you have covered the cornucopia, tie a piece of string to the last raffia top and wrap it around the frame. Fill your cornucopia with gourds, wheat, and long lasting fruit and voila!


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Whether you enjoy throwing small parties throughout the year or are planning one major bash, we at Bouqs are here with the freshest centerpiece ideas (and, of course, flowers!) to get your guests feeling relaxed, inspired, and ready to party the night away.

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