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Tips on Decorating Your Space with Houseplants

Decorating With House Plants

With indoor house plants being popularized as some of the trendiest additions to every home, we want to make sure no one’s missing out on everything a wonderful plant family has to offer!

Decorating your living space with plants is the best way to create a relaxing, welcoming environment for yourself and any potential guests. If you feel like changing your surroundings for the better, then consider turning your home into a flourishing garden oasis! And of course, we’ve got you covered with some insider tips on how to spruce up some empty corners, walls, and other parts of the house with a few of our favorite potted friends.


Fill in the Blanks

We all have those empty corners in our home that we’ve been meaning to fill up somehow. But sadly, there’s only so many pieces of furniture we could find before our space looks a bit too cluttered.

If you have that one corner of the room that’s been collecting dust for a while now, consider placing a plant with some height there – like a potted snake plant! Larger friends like fern plants can be situated next to your sofa to create a more welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. Also if you happen to have some extra wall space, then you can definitely fill in those gaps with a few hanging plants for some added dimension.

Shelf Life

Everyone has a bit of leftover shelf space, but instead of putting random trinkets there as placeholders, a few potted plants should do the trick. Place them in spaces between books, next to framed photos, or just dedicate an entire shelf for all your favorite plants!

We think miniature succulents are the perfect plants to freshen up that extra shelf space. If you want to be quirky, you can put some on top of stacked books or next to other items like figurines.

Home Sweet Home

A ceramic pot is typically every plant’s default home, but sometimes it doesn’t blend all-too-well with the rest of our living space. Luckily you’re not stuck with leaving your new green friends in the same planter they came with.

If you’re going for a rustic feel, swap out the ceramic pot for common household objects – leftover glass bottles, tin cans, mason jars, old mugs and even empty fishbowls! Not only are you adding onto your overall aesthetic, you’ll also be helping out the environment by reusing those items that could have ended up in the trash.

Bathroom Jungle

Plants in the bathroom might sound like a strange concept for a lot of us, but you’d be surprised to find out just how beneficial it can be to place some of our potted friends in the powder room – especially our tropical ones.

Because tropical plants usually require warmer, more humid environments to thrive beautifully, putting them in the bathroom might be our best bet! You can place a few smaller plants along the sink, hang plants above the bathtub, and more. If you really want to make your bathroom a more relaxing space, then try hanging a few eucalyptus branches on your shower head for that extra therapeutic boost.

Resting Easy

Making sure our bedrooms are as relaxing as possible, so it goes without saying that plants do the best job of sprucing up your space and providing that comfortable atmosphere for us. This is where plants with longer, drape-like foliage can be your go-to!

Plants like zebrinas and ivy are perfect for lining bedframes and mirrors. You can also line small succulents along your window sill to ensure that they’re soaking in all the sun they need!


There are just so many ways to decorate your home, and The Bouqs Co. wants to make sure that you’re making the most out of your living space by bringing home some of your favorite plants!

Whether you’re looking to transform your home into a full-out urban jungle or a rustic-chic space, we’ve got you covered with the plants that will get the job done. Our farm-fresh #PlantsFam is the perfect collection for anyone who want some low-maintenance décor for some of the emptier spots in their space.

Order from us today and bring home an added touch of freshness!

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