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5 Ways Corporate Gifting Increases Productivity

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Corporate gifting is important when it comes to letting you know that you care about the people you work with. Because let’s face it – no business can thrive without some help along the way! This can apply to that agency your company just partnered with for an upcoming project or even the people in your own office. Whoever it may be, you just want to thank them for the support while also maintaining that a good relationship with clients, agencies, and your own employees.

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Boosts Morale

Corporate gifting contributes to a positive company culture. Positive company cultures create virtuous circles and boost company morale. When a business is going through a rough peak period, and everyone is fighting burnout, corporate gifts help boost morale and helps people feel appreciated.

There is a whole subset of academic literature on the psychology of gift-giving and generosity. Dan Ariely, Duke’s professor of psychology and behavioral economics and best-selling author, found that even if a gift isn’t perfect, effort and generosity are always appreciated.[1] For organizations, this helps create bonding among team members and boosts team morale by letting employees know they will be appreciated. Good team morale and employees who feel appreciated are valuable assets to any business.

Employees Who Feel Appreciated Work Harder

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. No one wants to work somewhere with supervisors who don’t care about them and treat them as replaceable cogs in a machine. A Glassdoor survey of employees found that appreciation leads to harder work. Appreciation shows a much greater effect on productivity than employees who work in fear of their bosses.

“In fact, four in five (81%) employees report they’re motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work, higher than the 38% of employees who say they’re motivated to work harder when their boss is demanding or the 37% of employees who say they’re motivated to work harder because they fear losing their job.”[2]

Increases Loyalty

It might seem intuitive but when people feel appreciated, they are less likely to feel burnout. Less burnout means they are less likely to be scouring Indeed and LinkedIn for the quickest way out of their current role. They want to stay because they feel appreciated.

Increased loyalty doesn’t just affect employees. Businesses that serve clients also benefit from corporate gifting in this way. A study in the UK found that corporate gifting was considered an essential part of business strategy by 95% of companies.[3] There is a reason it’s become almost cliche to “take clients out to dinner and a ballgame.” Many businesses have found that corporate gifting can increase loyalty and trust from their clients. Another recent study found that 65% of shoppers said a gift or reward increases the frequency of their purchases, more evidence that gifting helps build loyalty to businesses.[4]

Corporate Gifting Reduces Stress

Stress is a proven contributor to reduced performance, health issues, and employee burnout. A Gallop survey on employee burnout found that when burnout employees are 63% more likely to take a sick day, 2.6 times more likely to leave their current employer, and even 23% more likely to visit the emergency room.[5]

Gifts can reduce stress in two ways. First, they take employees’ minds off stressful events even if just for a few minutes. Receiving a gift initiates a break in mental space from stressful work moments or the daily grind. Thoughtful gifts help employees feel that it’s okay to take a moment for self-care and relaxation.

Second, if the gift itself also has proven emotional effects, like flowers, that compounds the benefits of gifting.

Benefits of Fresh Flowers and Plants

  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Boost energy and activity levels.
  • Encourage compassion and kindness.
  • Improve creativity and innovation

Dressing up any office with plants has its benefits – making the air fresher, the atmosphere more relaxing, and the space toxin-free.[6] Plus plants are mostly fuss-free and quite low-maintenance (just remember to water them every once in a while)!

Flowers also have a proven emotional effect on people. The Home Ecology of Flowers Study at Harvard found three psychological and emotional benefits to having flowers and plants in any space: they reduce stress, boost energy, and encourage a kind and compassionate social setting.[7] A study by Texas A&M shows even more benefits. Researchers found that with flowers and plants in the workplace, employees improved their innovation and creative problem-solving.[8]

All this research means flowers and plants serve double duty as corporate gifts. Flowers and plants inherently reduce stress, boost activity levels, and trigger kindness and compassion in workspaces. This makes them ideally suited for corporate gifting, for employees, clients, and business partnerships. You can read more about why farm-direct flowers make great corporate gifts and if you need help for office plant care on vacation, we’ve got you covered there too.

If you want to make sure you show your appreciation to employees, clients, and partners, The Bouqs Co. has your back. We specialize in corporate gifting with flowers and plants. We’ll help you design the perfect gift package that matches your business needs. Let us help spread some love, and contact our corporate gifting specialists today!


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