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Care Tips for Long-Lasting Peonies

DIY Care Tips To Make Your Peonies Bloom

Our August peonies are here and ready for your enjoyment. There are few flowers that are more of a crowd-pleaser than our very own farm-fresh peonies!

Our peony collection includes a variety of colorful peony varieties that range from festive pinks and reds to pillowy whites. Our new mixed bouquet named ‘Leo’ contains peonies with eucalyptus and salal, offering a fresh take on our cut-to-order arrangements.

Once our summer peonies reach your doorstep, you’ll see that our peonies are delivered in bud form for weeks of long lasting enjoyment. It takes just a little bit of tender loving care to make sure these buds of opportunity bloom to their full potential, so we’ve put together a little guide on how to get your peonies to really open up.

Caring For Peony Bouquets

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • A vase
  • Twine
  • Sheers
  • Flower food

Peony Care Tips


Step 1: Because our peonies are cut-to-order and delivered from our farms, they may have some extra leaves on them. Start by removing a few of the lower outer leaves from the stems to give them a more sleek look. Take off just the right amount to suit your style, you can make your bouquet as tame or wild as you like!

Step 2: Trim a few inches off the stems so that the peonies fit your vase. We recommend trimming the bottoms at a 45 degree angle because this helps the stems absorb water more efficiently.

Step 3: Arrange your peonies on a flat surface and tie them together with the twine. This keeps the flowers bunched together so they look even more full once they bloom in the vase!

Step 4: Fill your vase with water and pour in a packet of flower food to keep the water clean (this helps to extend the life of the flowers). Next, place your arrangement in the vase and give it a bit of a touch up, if needed. All you have to do now is watch them bloom!

After a few days in water, your peony buds will open up and reveal their soft, fluffy petals. We’d love to see how you arranged your peony bouquet, show us by using #Bouqlove and tagging us @TheBouqsCo on Instagram.

Happy blooming!

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