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Our Favorite Artisan Florists in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Artisan Florists

One of the best things about exploring a town near you, whether it is one that you have known for a long time or one that you have passed by a thousand times but never stopped in, is finding all the best local hot spots. These local hot spots always have the best trinkets and the people that work there always know something special about their town. Whether it’s the local coffee shop, the restaurant with the best baked goods, or the local artisan florists.

That’s right, Pennsylvania isn’t just the chocolate capital of the United States. After you head through Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania you can probably find some great florists in Pennsylvania. These Pennsylvania florists have the local family owned charm you are looking for.


Kremp Florists

Kremp Florists is a family-owned and family ran Pennsylvania florist serving the Willow Grove and surrounding areas. Kremp Florists is the largest florist in the Philadelphia region and served all the Pennsylvania florists needs for over 60 years!

The folks over at Kremp Florists don’t just deal in flowers, they also sell plants, sweets, and all kinds of different treats! No matter the occasion, from weddings to funerals, Kremp Florists will have something for every customer in Pennsylvania. If you are ever in the Willow Grove area, stop on by and say hi to the Kremp family!

Oliver Flower Shop

Oliver Flower Shop proudly boasts of being Pittsburgh’s local florist since 1929! The folks at Oliver Flower Shop offer free same-day delivery in the Pittsburgh area for all of life’s special moments, from birthdays to anniversaries to all the special moments in between.

They don’t just boast a site full of beautiful arrangements, either. They also have tons of great reviews from satisfied customers. If you need flowers in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, Oliver Flower Shop is worth checking out. They are sure to carry something you like along with that Pittsburgh charm!

Petit Jardin

After their years abroad in Paris, the land of flowers and great coffee, Claudia and Vincent opened Petit Jardin en Ville. While Vincent was from France, Claudia grew up in suburban Philadelphia so moving to France was a life-changing event that sparked her creativity. In Paris, she studied under a well-known florist perfecting her craft. Now that they are back in the US, Claudia and Vincent serve the Philadelphia area, occasionally returning to France for inspiration.

If you are looking for a touch of France in Phillie, Petit Jardin en Ville will have you covered. They don’t just do floral arrangements, but they can also help you with your garden arrangements!

Rich Mar

Richard P. Morrissey, his wife, Dolores A. Morrissey, and his parents, Frieda and Vincent Morrissey founded Rich Mar florists in 1955 in Allentown Pennsylvania. Rich Mar is a family business that has served their local Pennsylvania area for fifty years and intends to do the same for another 50 to come!

The folks at Rich Mar do weddings, funerals, and have what you need for all types of different holidays. No matter what you need, if you are in the Allentown, Pennsylvania, the Morrissey family at Rich Mar florists will have you covered!

The Bouqs Has You Covered, Too!

For those of you not in Pennsylvania, don’t forget to check out their websites for any friends or family you have in Pennsylvania. Most of these florists are happy to even do a custom-made arrangement for special occasions, and that is a sure way to impress your family or friends who are out in that area. Plus, this can turn them on to some local businesses! For the rest of us, don’t worry, Bouqs still has all your floral needs covered.

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