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All About July’s Birth Flowers

July Birth Flowers

For the uninitiated, birth flowers symbolize the month that someone was born in. In Ancient Rome, the origin place of birth flowers, seasonal flowers were given as gifts at birth and on birthdays. As time went by, the flowers that were most commonly in bloom in a given month became that month’s birth flower. The July birth flowers are larkspur and water lily.

On top of being a great gift for close family members, friends, or that special someone in your life, birth flowers also have characteristics that are said to be inherited by those born in that month—a la zodiac signs. These come in the form of a flower’s many different meanings and symbolism.

When it comes to the July birth flowers, they both have a beautiful appearance, a wealth of history, and rich symbolism.


What You Need to Know About Larkspur & Water Lilies

Larkspur, also known by its much flashier name delphinium, was cultivated and used by both Native Americans and European settlers to make blue dye. It has also been used widely throughout history as a way to ward off pesky scorpions and venomous snakes. Because let’s be honest, nobody wants those uninvited guests as cuddle buddies during the night. It was even used to keep ghosts and dark magic away. Sounds useful, right?

As for its name, the Tudor dynasty in England branded the flower the larkspur due to its undeniable resemblance to a lark’s heel. (Does anyone miss The Tudors as much as we do?) And also, according to legend, a delphinium sprouted where Ajax’s blood spilled during the Battle of Troy.

Similar in size and shape to orchids, larkspur has a striking appearance characterized by spear-shaped blooms that gather on the end of its stalk, which can grow up to six feet tall. Although larkspurs are typically varying shades of deep blues and purples, it’s not uncommon for them to be pink, red, or white.

Water lilies or lotuses, July’s other birth flower, are gorgeous and often colorful aquatic flowers that grow next to lily pads. The blooms are round and thick and accompanied by sharp blades that give the flower an utterly unique allure. As for its symbolism, water lilies represent beauty, purity, creation, enlightenment, and rebirth. Water lilies are considered sacred in both the Buddhist and Hindu religions.


Larkspur Symbolism and Meanings

In general, larkspurs symbolize strong bonds of love, romanticism, positivity, and an open heart. But as with any flower, the different color variations also carry their own meanings and symbolism:

  • Pink larkspurs represent fickleness and contrariness.
  • White larkspurs symbolize happiness and an easy-going nature.
  • Purple larkspurs signify sweetness and first love.
  • Blue larkspur represent dignity and grace.


How to Care for Your Larkspur Bouq

Compared to some other flowers, caring for your gorgeous handcrafted larkspur Bouq won’t take much time or effort out of your day. But with that said, larkspurs have a very short lifespan, ranging from four days to a little over one week. To give it a full life in its new home, just make sure you give it ample water and keep it away from hot environments.

And, just as an FYI, always keep larkspur away from pets and kids. It’s toxic, after all.


Famous July Birthdays

If you were born in July, here are just a few of the talented, funny, and downright awesome people you share a birthday month with. Give ‘em a shout-out on Twitter, because who doesn’t appreciate a little social media love on their birthday:

  • Margot Robbie, July 2nd
  • Tom Hanks, July 9th
  • Sofia Vergara, July 10th
  • Kristen Bell, July 18th
  • Selena Gomez, July 22nd


July Birthday Flower Delivery

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