Just Because Valentine's Day

A Valentine’s Day Poem Dedicated to You

Stylish Woman in a Hat Holding Red Roses for a Valentine's Day Poem

Will you be our Valentine every year? This Valentine’s Day flower poem is just for you, from your fans at The Bouqs Co.


You share with full hearts,

Emotion that stems from fresh flowers,

It brings you close when apart,

Giving love is your power.


You send compassion each occasion,

Proving positives attract,

We see kindness in your arrangements,

And thought we’d send some right back.


You have unquestionable taste,

Haute looks that bloom in all seasons,

The way you curate your vase,

Is worthy of a floral museum.


From flowers for the fam,

To bouquets for your besties,

Always styled for the ‘Gram,

You’re a fashion icon, no question.


You care for your world,

Its environs and people.

You spend time saving the earth,

And hang with your girls on the weekend.


From your generous spirit,

To your kind, giving soul,

For your heartwarming gifting,

From a heart made of gold.


Your flowers have meaning,

Sincere wishes of love.

You send feelings of healing,

With blooms and fresh buds.


To our precious praisers of V-Day plants,

Fellow followers of freesias,

You sweethearts of succulents,

Spreading joy like zebrinas.


You have a romance with Valentine roses,

Go green with succulents that glow.

We love all of your colors,

All our love, The Bouqs Co.

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