Mother's Day

5 Last-Minute Gifts for Mother’s Day

Unique Mother's Day Gifts

Every mom deserves the perfect gift for her special day. You might be feeling the pressure of finding or making that special present for the most important lady in your life, which is why we’re here to help. If you have a mother with a major green thumb or one that is looking to get started in gardening, we have five perfect last-minute unique mother’s day gifts to consider.


To-Go Garden

A great mother’s day gift for gardeners is this simple yet thoughtful garden in a jar. Fill a mason jar with your mother’s favorite flower, a sprinkle of herb and vegetable seeds, a pair of trendy gardening gloves, and new pruning snips. Finish it off with a thoughtful message tied around the top of the jar with a twine bow. This mother’s day gift is sure to have her thinking of you every time she trims her basil.

Colorful Garden Tool Storage 

Is your mom struggling with keeping her gardening tools organized and easily accessible? A homemade garden tool storage solution is the perfect gift for gardeners and only takes about 30 minutes to make. Gather a few terra cotta pots and different colors of paint. Chalk paint will work the best and dry the fastest. Paint each pot a different color and label each with chalk. These are creative and colorful storage gifts for her to keep her gardening tools organized. The chalk can easily be wiped off for her to change how her rakes, trowels, pruners, and shovels are stored. She can also repurpose the pots at any time.

Two Gifts in One

What goes better with a beautiful rustic container than your mother’s favorite green succulents? This is a simple but thoughtful gift that can be put together in a matter of minutes. Find an eye-appealing rustic container made of wood or metal, line the inside with soil, and put together a mini succulent garden. Your mom can use this as a nice windowsill garden or a kitchen table centerpiece. After the succulents have wilted, take them out and use the container as a decorative container for storing napkins or utensils for parties. The succulents can also be replanted by using a dry stem or leaf in moist soil. This will leave your gardening mother with two thoughtful gifts for years.

Window Herbs

A great mother’s day gift for the woman who loves to cook and use her self-grown ingredients is decorative herbs for the kitchen. All you need is a few small planting pots, soil, and herb seeds. Plant the seeds and your mom will love to watch them grow. When they are big and strong, she can start pruning them and using them when she cooks. As the herbs grow make sure to place them in bigger pots. This is a great way for your mom to enjoy your gift in her cooking as well as creating a beautiful sight on her kitchen windowsill.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Read more about unique Mother’s day flowers. You can also start a new Mother’s Day tradition and sign her up for our Bouq Subscription. She’ll start receiving beautifully hand-crafted fresh bouquets. You can choose from three different packages depending on the number of stems you would like in each bouquet. They range from $32 to $56 and can be delivered as frequently as every week or as long as bi-monthly. Each Bouq is sure to make your mother smile, and she’ll enjoy them for weeks at a time. Certain blooms can also be replanted in her garden and grown to enjoy for months. Place your perfect mother’s day gift order today!

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