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June 2017

  • Floral Centerpiece

    Trending: New Summer Entertaining Tablescapes

    It’s officially here –– the first day of summer has arrived! As bright days laze their way into warm evenings, we’ve got our minds set on friends, family, food, and flowers. To start the…

    June 19, 2017
  • DIY

    Get Your Phone Ready For Summer

    Summer is almost here! Say hello to the new season in style with phone wallpaper inspired by our very own Bouqs and sunny headquarters in Venice, California. Simply tap and hold on an image…

    June 7, 2017
  • JP The Flower Godfather
    Local Florists

    Meet the Man Behind the Flowers

    “Being a good farmer is difficult because we’re not working in a predicable environment. One day there might be a rainstorm; the next, our Volcano might erupt.” Yes, that really happened. If you’re reading…

    June 2, 2017