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10 Facts About Marigolds You Must Know

Marigold Facts

Marigold flowers are something you just can’t miss; if you walk by a local flower shop or happen to see some bouquets on display at a grocery store, you will probably notice that many of the available bouquets feature marigolds!

Not only do they adorn layers and layers of colorful petals, but they also come with layers and layers of interesting history too. Piqued your interest? Read on to find out more about these wonderful and beautiful flowers and all they have to offer!

10 Marigold Facts

1. Depending on the type of bloom, marigolds can grow between 6 to 48 inches in height and 6 to 36 inches wide.

2. They come in a variety of colors such as orange, red, maroon, yellow, or even mixed!

3. Marigolds thrive during spring, summer, and autumn but definitely not during the winter since these flowers are a bit sensitive to cold weather and frost.

4. Did you know marigold flowers contain lutein, a substance that offers a whole lot of benefits to the human eye?

5. Marigolds are every gardener’s favorite flower because planting them by their other outdoor greens helps keep some of those pesky pests and critters away!

6. It is actually believed that there are a lot of health benefits that come with marigold flowers because they contain substances with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

7. The bloom itself symbolizes beauty, warmth, creativity, a drive to succeed, and celebration of the dead.

8. Speaking of “celebration of the dead,” marigolds are known as the flower of the dead in pre-Hispanic Mexico and is still regarded as an important symbol used during Day of the Dead festivities!

9. The flower also acts as a cultural symbol of Nepal, and you can find garlands made from marigolds in plenty of Nepalese households.

10. People say that the Aztecs were one of the first communities to make use of marigolds because of their supposed magical and medicinal properties!


And there you have it – 10 must-know facts about our favorite layered bloom, the marigold! If you’re feeling like you can’t have enough of marigolds now, that’s where we come in.

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