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How Sunflower Arrangements Light Up Your Life

Sunflower Arrangement Sticking Out of the Back Pocket of Denim Jeans

Bring a warm glow to every season with a bright flower bouquet. Sunflower arrangements manifest a sunny day vibe under a cloudy sky or send light beaming into the corners of a dark room just by putting them in a vase.

Sunflower Arrangements are Summer in a Vase

Aside from their obvious name, sunflowers make up the Helianthus family. The name comes from the Greek words helios which means sun and anthus which means flower, bloom, or blossom. If you saw one for the first time and had to give it a name, what would you call them? Happyflower? Joyblossom?

The Natural Aesthetic of Sunflowers

The sunflower’s central bloom is actually made up of tiny flowers in a pattern. It may look like a solid, circular surface from afar. But up close those inner rings of flowers are really an intricate natural design of small blooms. It’s basically a feng shui bedroom arranged in bee heaven.

Flowers in the center of the bloom grow in a mathematical pattern called the golden ratio. Even though the “golden ratio” is named for a person, this natural pattern shows up all over the place in nature including pinecones, artichokes, and flowers in the sunflower family-like daisies and poms. Outside of sunflower arrangements, this natural design allows them to complement a broad range of unique flower bouquets.

Because of their natural growth pattern, bright color and size, sunflower arrangements often include blooms that add contrast or transition in color or shape. Blooms like roses add an offset pattern, sharing center stage with the sunflowers. Blooms in the same flower family-like daisies add volume while focusing on the beauty of the sunflower. That’s why the nominees for best-supporting flowers are smaller like asters and chrysanthemums. Sunflowers simply can’t be “eclipsed” by other flowers, it’s in their nature.

A Lot to Love About Sunflowers

Sunflowers are full of unexpected surprises.

Sunflowers can clean soil: like cottonwood and poplar trees, sunflower fields can clean heavy metals and contaminants from soil.

Seeds: The sunflower seed isn’t just one of our favorite healthy snacks, it has a wealth of uses including cooking oil and biofuel.

Drought resistant: As a true wildflower, the native wild growth of sunflowers in the Southwestern U.S. doesn’t require a ton of water to survive; which makes them a sustainable flower.

Vibrant colors: Typically they grow in yellows, but can be found in orange and red sunflower varieties.

Odorless: While some varieties may have a honey scent, most sunflower bouquets have no distinctive smell. This makes them an ideal gift for people with sensitivity to scents or perfumes.

Sunflowers Rising Through History

Arranging flowers has a long and storied history. Bright, vibrant sunflower blooms bring light into a room like a sunrise in a vase. Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers series was created during a chilly summer week of 1888 when the weather prevented him from painting outdoors. In anticipation of a visit from painter Paul Gauguin, he set to decorating the guest room with paintings of sunflower arrangements to brighten it up.

The result was a series of famous masterworks by Van Gogh after his Irises. Sunflowers have inspired artistic masterworks by some of the most famous painters in history such as Georgia O’Keeffe, and Gustav Klimt. As an iconic symbol of flower-child fashion and art were often modeled after the swamp sunflower with its slender, round-edged petals rather than the wild corners associated with the common California species.

Sunflower arrangements have only grown in popularity as flowers you can send for any occasion. Their use as a symbol of a peaceful, inclusive, and free movement gives them a meaning that everyone deserves love. Show your appreciation, affection or a little kindness with a bouquet of sunflowers to shines extra light on their day.

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