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Flower Facts

  • Orchid Color Meanings
    Flower Facts

    Our Breakdown of Orchid Meanings by Color

    Orchids are well-known for their elegance, depth, range, and complexity. One of the most diverse families of flowers, the orchid represents over 30,000 unique species and is hybrid with at least 200,000 other plants.…

    December 26, 2018
  • English Ivy Facts
    Flower Facts

    All About English Ivy: What to Know

    We all know the ivy plant as a wonderful wall-climber, adding a rustic touch to stone and brick buildings. Best of all, they stick around all year long, beautifying homes, gardens, fences, and trees…

    December 20, 2018
  • Tradescantia Zebrina Potted Plant
    Flower Facts

    All About Zebrina Plants: What to Know

    The zebrina plant is possibly one of the quirkiest plants out there! With striped leaves in beautiful shades of purple and silver, there’s just so much to love about these potted friends. However, there’s…

    December 12, 2018
  • Jasmine Plant Facts
    Flower Facts

    All About Jasmine Plants: What to Know

    The word “jasmine” might ring a bell to a lot of people. You’ve probably seen jasmine-flavored teas, jasmine-scented candles, or essential oils for cosmetics. The jasmine plant is known more for its fragrant blooms,…

    December 8, 2018