#PlantsFam Care Tips: Caring For Your Air Plant

Watering Air Plants Care Tips

For many of us, our house plants are more than just eye-catching indoor decorations, they’re as to close us as our own friends and family. That’s why we call our new plants collection our #PlantsFam to reflect how we really feel about our gorgeous, green roommates. As a plant parent, we know that you’re interested in giving them the very best life that you can provide. You’re in the right place, because today we’ve got a few plant care tips that will help your indoor house plants flourish!

Watering Pocket Air PlantOur first tip is for how to water your Tillandsia, or Tilly for short. Tilly is an air plant that’s as cool as a cucumber. Tilly is happiest just hanging out with you at home next to a window or above a cozy reading nook. Air plants are a great choice for plant parents who are looking for a low-maintenance friend.

Still, no plant will totally thrive if you just ‘set it and forget it.’ Here’s how you care for Tilly: every two weeks, soak the bottom of your air plant in a bowl of room temperature water for about 5-10 minutes. Next, place the plant on a paper towel to dry off (this part is important, since the plant will rot if it stands in excess water for too long). Wait until completely dry. Now, your happy air plant is ready to be hung back up in its favorite spot!

Soaking Air Plant In Water

Air plants are easy to care for in between these bi-weekly water baths, too. Simply mist your plant with water once per week so that it is moist (but not dripping). As one of the easiest plants to care for, Tilly would make a great gift for any friend who’s looking for some companionship. Don’t you agree?

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