Mother's Day Flowers

Mom keeps you blooming! Help show your appreciation and love with farm-fresh, long-lasting flowers delivered in time for Mother's Day on Sunday, May 12, 2024.

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with Flower Delivery in 2024

All year, moms around the world provide love, support, direction, guidance, discipline, and a million other things that we've come to count on. Mom’s love is sweet as pie. Show her that your love is just as sweet, and recognize her by sending something freshly beautiful from our collection of flowers for Mother’s Day. We guarantee this gift will be as sweet as she is, because while she's got your back, we've got your Bouq!

The least we can do is to make sure the Mother's Day bouquets you send are out of this world! We’ll help you remind mom that sometimes it's okay to press pause and enjoy a moment of well-deserved relaxation. Mom's hard work is not always glamorous, so it's important we show our appreciation for all their effort.

Popular Mother's Day Bouquets And Arrangements

One of the most tried and true ways to bring a smile to any mom’s face on Mother’s Day is by treating them to a fresh, beautiful bouquet of flowers. For years, our artisan florists have been designing our Mother’s Day collection with any kind of mom in mind, with options that range from classic arrangements to one-of-a-kind bouquets and bundles that come with additional, wonderful gifts. Whether a bouquet of roses is her cup of tea, springtime lilies are more her style, or an indoor plant could provide the flavor she wants; our stylish bouquets, plants, and gifts for Mother’s Day will help let her know that you haven’t forgotten everything she’s done for you.

If you need help choosing between all our fantastic options, then it could be best to look at the most popular Mother's Day flowers, which include roses, carnations, tulips, lilies, and orchids. The collection above includes various bouquets with many of these flowers, offering a wide range of options at various price points to help you find the right bouquet for the Moms in your life. Browse our selection of flowers for Mother’s Day and schedule your delivery in time for the holiday this year on Sunday, May 12.

Mother's Day Flowers Aren't Just For Your Mom

While we first and foremost think of our own moms in the lead up to Mother’s Day, we can guarantee there are plenty of other mothers in your life! The mother of your children is one you’ll never want to forget when thinking of sending flowers for Mother’s Day! You can also send flowers to grandmas, aunts, a teacher or mentor, and friends that are moms! Liven up their homes with one of our elegant Mother’s Day arrangements, a bouquet bundle, or a long-lasting plant.

The Benefits Of Sending Flowers for Mother’s Day

When you sit down to come up with your list of potential Mother's Day gifts, consider that flower delivery is the perfect gift because it has many benefits beyond just looking beautiful. Here are some of the best benefits of flower delivery any person can enjoy.

Flowers Freshen the Air

Floral arrangements don’t just look gorgeous, they also help freshen the air. The mothers in your life will remember your gift even with the lights out because our fresh blooms will fill their house with a vibrant, fresh aroma.

Flowers Increase Productivity

One study has shown that people working in a room with flowers and plants were up to 15% more productive than those in an empty room or one filled with abstract sculptures. If the mom in your life works from home, sending them flowers for Mother’s Day could lead to more success at their job.

Flowers Boost Your Mood

Studies have shown that flowers boost your mood in three ways:

  1. They increase intimacy between people who share a room with flowers

  2. They provide an immediate happiness lift when received

  3. They reduce feelings of anxiety and depression over time

It’s obvious that flowers are an excellent gift any time since their positive effects linger beyond any given holiday and help to improve a person’s life long after the initial delivery.

Learn More About Mother’s Day with The Bouqs Co.

We have a bunch of resources for Mother’s Day in 2024, including brand new articles that go in-depth on the history of the holiday, insights on the many various Mother’s Day traditions from around the globe, and more. Wondering which flowers are the best to send this time of year? Our experts have crafted a guide to help you choose the best bouquet to send for Mother’s Day. We also have ideas on how to best spend your time on the holiday and 20 Mother’s Day activities to plan for the moms in your life this year.