Plant Delivery

Send a living gift to someone important with plant delivery. Whether it’s a tropical orchid, a desert succulent, or something else, plants bring life to any space.

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Farmer's Choice Orchid

Farmer's Choice Orchid


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Live Plant Delivery

While it’s hard to beat the beauty and simplicity of flowers, a fresh plant delivery always makes for a wonderful gift. Some can even bring joy to a person for several years, and can also be a daily reminder of how much we appreciate our loved ones. It’s true that plant gifts can liven up any room!

Send a Plant for Health Benefits

Besides how much indoor plants (or even garden plants if you’ve got the room) elevate your space, they actually have health benefits, too! They seem to reduce stress by providing a relaxing atmosphere where you can recharge. And you might even notice yourself breathing a little easier, since plants could even improve the air quality in your house or apartment! So, houseplants also make for amazing gifts to send to a friend or loved one that might need an extra pick-me-up in their office space or at home.

Send Plants For Any Occasion

You don’t need a green thumb to keep all plants alive, which means that some can be a good gift for anyone, no matter the occasion. Succulents are a hardy variety that require very little water, making them ideal for people who may travel a lot and aren’t home enough to water a tropical plant. Every item in our plant family is available with nationwide delivery, so you can send a plant to help your friends and family craft an indoor oasis and go even greener!

* Nationwide delivery excludes HI and AK.