Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Adventurous Couples

Adventurous Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is no doubt the most romantic holiday of the year. As soon as you enter the month of February, you’ll find all the grocery stores lined with shelves and shelves of sweets, every single romance movie imaginable being aired on cable, and love songs being played back-to-back on the radio. You might start looking for a flower gift for Valentine Day.

Every couple out there loves to celebrate February 14th. Whether they’re booking reservations for a nice candlelit dinner, dressing up for a nostalgic stroll around town, or just staying in for a casual movie night, every lovebird as their own way of showing off their passion. And that includes bringing out their wild side!

If you and your significant other are a bolder bunch, then there are date options for the two of you too! They might not be the most typical Valentine’s Day ideas, but we’re sure they’ll satisfy any adventurous spirit.


Not Your Average Hike

Everyone loves a good hike; it’s not only a great way to stay active, you also get to discover a lot of things you wouldn’t usually see outside of nature, like some lovely waterfalls! But what if we told you that you can find some other hidden gems in your outdoor exploration?


If you and your romantic partner are both thrill-seekers, you might want to look into some hiking trails with abandoned structures along the path. In Los Angeles, California, there’s the Old LA Zoo and Murphy Ranch; in New Orleans, Louisiana, there’s the barren Six Flags theme park; in Kennecott, Alaska, there’s Kennecott Mines. Wherever you are, there are always some cool, eerie places to explore. But be warned: some of these abandoned structures aren’t for the faint of heart, so if you and your partner are ready for some heebie-jeebies, put on your hiking shoes and get ready to check out some of these barren landmarks!

Along for the Ride

Sometimes, we all just like to cruise around aimlessly without a destination in mind. It can be somewhat therapeutic to drive along the coast, through a sunlit forest, or even up the mountains – especially if the person you love is sitting right next to you throughout the entire ride. Just blast some of your favorite energetic tunes and appreciate the view!

Every adventurous couple loves to be in the great outdoors, and taking these long drives can not only give the two of you time to wind down from any other daytime activity, you just might come across a beautiful viewpoint for a picnic date. Appreciate what the world has to offer as well as the little things in life, like being able to experience these moments with someone you love!

Get Soaked

If you and your significant other are down to do more than just dip your feet in the water, water sports might be a great date idea for Valentine’s Day. Parasailing, jet-skiing, bungee jumping – the options are endless!

These activities are definitely for those who love feeling that adrenaline-rush, so make sure you and your partner are comfortable enough to take on the challenge!

Lesson Learned

For a lot of couples, activities such as paint-and-sips and baking classes are common around Valentine’s Day. However, all the adventurous folks out there might want to step out of their comfort zones, which is why classes in unique skill sets are the way to go!

Always wanted to learn how to 3D print? Or make sushi at home? Maybe you and your partner love to skateboard and want to design custom decks. There’s a class for that – in fact, there are classes for all of these fun activities! If there’s any cool skill you and your significant other have been meaning to learn, see if there are any classes being held in your area and sign up for Valentine’s Day!

Food Crawl

We all love a good meal or two, and who’s a better person to share one with than a special someone? Candlelit dinners are a common date night activity for Valentine’s Day, and we totally see why – they’re romantic, intimate, and they give you and your partner an excuse to dress up for the occasion. But all the foodies and adventurous eaters out there who want to try out different cuisines should partake in a food crawl!

Pick a neighborhood with some unique eats, choose a few restaurants (as much as you can stomach), and share a plate or two from each eatery before moving on to the next. Remember to wear your loose pants!


Whether you’re ready to take on any challenge or you prefer a “quieter” date night, The Bouqs wants to make sure your Valentine’s Day is topped off perfectly with unique roses for valentine’s day – thrill-seeker or not! Or maybe you want to try something different and order a plant for Valentine’s Day.

Let us help you celebrate a holiday about love and togetherness, and buy from our most romantic collection yet!

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