Money Tree

Care Instructions

Money Trees like medium to bright indirect light (Avoid direct sunlight!). With a good soak once a week (allowing the soil to dry in between waterings), and a quick rotation for even growth, you’ll see your “investment” grow lots of returns.

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Indirect sunlight. Place out of direct sunlight but still in a bright room away from a window.


Every 1-2 Weeks

Allow soil to dry out between waterings.

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Know Your Roots Meet the farmer

Farmer Andy


Andy and his partners started out as a group of childhood friends that all had a passion for nature and the outdoors. Post college, they ended up becoming roommates. Turns out, having a home filled with plants was something they continued to have in common. Originally working out of the humble house they shared, the team has now grown to occupy much larger and well-equipped greenhouses in Southern California and Florida. Today, they still treat every order with the same care as they did working out of the small backyard and garage they started in.

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