A living dracaena houseplant in a blush pot.

The road to El Dorado leads you right to our magical dracaena. Its name translates to female dragon, so you know this would be Khaleesi’s favorite plant. While it may not breathe fire, it will help you breathe better. This pretty air purifier is also —fun fact!—a distant cousin of asparagus. Random? Yep! But honestly, if you’re looking for a mystical, superhero of a plant with the perfect pink pot (that literally goes with everything), then El Dorado’s the one for you.

Care Instructions: Keep hydrated by misting the leaves with water and keeping the soil lightly misted (never soggy) and place in an area with indirect sunlight.

Bonus tip: Gently wipe off both sides of its leaves for maximal air purification.

Size Specs: Dracaena plant comes in 6 in. diameter round planter.

Shipping Note: Guaranteed delivery by date selected at checkout, but could arrive up to 2 days sooner.

Meet the farmer

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Farmer Meredith


Meredith believes in doing home decor differently. That’s why, since 2013, she has been cultivating and crafting unique plants that transform spaces and bring them to life. For Meredith, plants are living art meant to inspire those who come into contact with them. Driven by her love of travel and exploration, Meredith isn’t afraid to go somewhere new with her designs. This love for the imagination and willingness to look at life with a creative eye is why we’re so happy to shine a light on her incredible plants.

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