Calla Lilies

Care Instructions

Calla Lilies are soft-stemmed and only need a little water at a time. We recommend trimming the ends at a 45 degree angle and using a vase that supports the stems so they stand tall and proud. Keep an eye on the water level though since they usually drink up water quickly!

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When the path of sunlight reaching your plant is not direct, or is filtered by something else (ex: sheer curtains).


Every 2-3 Days Partial

Fill your vase with 2 inches of water. Water should be changed every 2 to 3 days.

Video about how our flowers are grown

Know Your Roots Meet the farmer

Farmer Jan

Farmer Jan


You can tell by his infectious smile, that Farmer Jan loves what he does. The farm grows a variety of lilies like asiatic, oriental and the most elegant calla lilies you've ever seen! They also know how to party! Pretty regularly they get all the farm's employees together for soccer matches, food, music, and fun!Also, Jan's farm is Rainforest Alliance certified.

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