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Best Subscription Box Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Best Subscription Boxes

Monthly subscription boxes are getting a lot of love for all the little (or big) surprises they bring to our lives. We’re all about the way these packages have so much to offer and how they just keep on coming!

For all those couples this Valentine’s Day who feel like switching things up and gifting their romantic partner with something a bit more unique, try thinking outside of the box! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite monthly subscription boxes that are perfect for a date night in (and even better Valentine’s Day gift ideas). Best of all, these bundles of fun provide everything you need to still have a memorable Valentine’s Day!


Unbox Love

If you’re looking for some fun date activities with your partner, Unbox Love is definitely sets the standard for the perfect date-in-a-box. No matter what plan you have your eye on, every package includes everything you and your significant other could ever need for the perfect date night! You’ll even receive fun and engaging instructions along with unique products and activities to make for a better time.

So what exactly can you find in one of these boxes? It depends! You might open it to discover some brain games and challenging puzzles or maybe even a murder mystery. For those fans of the great outdoors, Unbox Love could surprise you with a backyard camping kit – complete with s’mores, of course! And especially for this sweet occasion, there’s even a package for Valentine’s Day, filled with baking kits, games, and craft activities.

Crated With Love

Sometimes, couples are looking for something more than just a typical date night; they’re looking for something that helps them grow stronger as a pair too! The founders of Crated With Love, Tyler and Michelle, are also licensed marriage and family therapists, and their ultimate goal for this monthly subscription service is to encourage more one-on-one time to strengthen relationships.

Every package you receive will include at least 4 challenges or activities, plus everything you need to kick off your date night. Some of the bonus items you might find include 4 extra challenges to do throughout the month, a dessert recipe for two, relationship tips from experts, a customized Spotify playlist to accompany your fun night in, and more! Every bundle of fun in the past contained unique themes to help strengthen teamwork or communication skills, such as “Tropical Escape” and “Game Show Date Night.”

Couples Getaway Box

Couples Getaway Box targets those who are looking to spruce up their relationship and have less boring nights in, targeting married couples who have been swamped with daily duties at work and home. By adding more adventure and excitement, you and your significant other can not only rekindle old feelings, the both of you can explore new things together!

Some of the things that were included in previous months’ boxes were a romantic spa getaway to Negril or a vacation to Kauai, complete with a paint kit, shampoo stick, and Anahola granola. Every month offers a different theme to help jazz up typical nights spent indoors with your romantic partner, so all couples who wants some variety once every month could benefit from discovering different parts of the world!

Bonding Bees

Every couple is all about new experiences and even more exciting date nights. Bonding Bees provides monthly subscription boxes for those who were looking for a fun way to build their relationship and grow an even stronger bond with their partner!

It all begins with choosing a subscription plan that works for you and your budget. Once you open your box with your partner, you just might find some custom created games, food items, yummy recipes, fun crafts, and relationship-building exercises. As you complete the activities with your significant other, you might find your relationship getting only better!

Share the #BouqLove

Valentine’s Day is definitely about showing off your love to your partner, but with our flower subscription service, you’re not just limited to being romantic once a year. Because what’s a love-filled holiday without the freshest, brightest bouquet of flowers to really display your passion?

Our subscription service is curated to work and deliver according to your schedule and provide only the best farm-fresh blooms all year round! Not feeling like you need to send a bouquet monthly? No problem – you can even opt out of upcoming deliveries if you want less flowers.

Whether you’re looking to build up your relationship or just have some fun, these monthly subscription boxes along with a Bouq from our Valentine’s Day collection can help keep any romance alive. Order from us today!

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