A tropical pink ginger flower bouquet.

And tell me boy, now wouldn’t that be sweet? What’s even sweeter than that catchy tune: exotic blooms like pink ginger and red cordyline paired with masajeana leaves and more super lush greenery, plus dried okra pods that can be kept for future use. This Bouq is like a little slice of paradise just for you (or one of your favorite people). For us, this one’s love at first sight. Just being honest.

Please note Tropical Bouqs cannot be delivered to Hawaii or Alaska.

Please note this Bouq includes dried okra pods. While these are not edible and won't bloom, they will make a beautiful addition to decor or future bouquets! 

Video about how our flowers are grown

Know Your Roots Meet the farmer

Farmer Maria

Farmer Maria


Farmer Maria and her 180 employees love growing flowers. They also love the rainforest. Part of their mission as a company is to actively protect the Amazon jungle. They conserve the native species that are in threat of extinction, and then grow those flowers commercially as well as put them into the bouquets they make, thus ensuring these rare flower varieties are conserved for future generations.

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