We collaborated with Maurice Harris, the founder of Los Angeles-based floral studio Bloom & Plume, who designed this Bouq especially for the United with Flowers Collection. 

100% of Net Profits* from this exclusive collection will be donated to Campaign Zero, supporting its mission to combat police brutality through data-informed policy solutions.

Tropical mix of orange and red heliconia with foliage.

"An orange and yellow tropical bouquet with hints of nude only cause she’s on vacation and it’s all about bod- ody-ody if you know what I mean. She’s like an unexpected wildflower on tropical vacay, bold and sophisticated with the confidence of a female VP. But... give her a break. She’s kinda shy and just wants to enjoy her mango mai-tai and the beautiful sunset because they match her outfit and look soooo good together. Note: do not call her Cassie."


*Net Profits represents the net revenue minus the cost of the goods sold and marketing costs directly related to the sale of the Untied with Flowers collection.

This extra special, limited quantity Bouq is excluded from discounts. Hope we can still be buds!

Know Your Roots Meet the farmer

Farmer Maria


Farmer Maria and her 180 employees love growing flowers. They also love the rainforest. Part of their mission as a company is to actively protect the Amazon jungle. They conserve the native species that are in threat of extinction, and then grow those flowers commercially as well as put them into the bouquets they make, thus ensuring these rare flower varieties are conserved for future generations.

Learn More about how our flowers are grown

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