We collaborated with Maurice Harris, the founder of Los Angeles-based floral studio Bloom & Plume, who designed this Bouq especially for the United with Flowers Collection. 

100% of Net Profits* from this exclusive collection will be donated to Campaign Zero, supporting its mission to combat police brutality through data-informed policy solutions. 

Royal blend of purple alstroemeria and limonium with burgundy scabiosa

"We all have that friend that thinks she is a princess but she is more like a Duchess (which to be fair is still bomb…) Allow me to intro you to the bouq Brenda Bloom. A jewel-toned enchantress who once longed for a partner not realizing she was the main event, with her scabiosa hips, alstroemeria fullness, delphinium tresses and the spice of a thistle. She could bring all the boys to the yard with just the wink of an eye."


*Net Profits represents the net revenue minus the cost of the goods sold and marketing costs directly related to the sale of the Untied with Flowers collection.

This extra special, limited quantity Bouq is excluded from discounts. Hope we can still be buds!

Know Your Roots Meet the farmer

Farmer Benito


Originally founded in his parent’s backyard, Farmer Benito’s farm now grows some of the world’s best statice flower and alstroemeria. The farm boasts an outstanding team of devoted employees who enjoy good benefits like paid vacation and educational programs for their kids. Some of his employees have been working there for over 30 years! Also, Benito's farm is Rainforest Alliance certified.

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