Blended multicolor bouquet of red and pink roses.

These heart-warming roses send a message of love that’s so loud and clear, the universal response is the Heart Eyes emoji...on repeat. In shades of red and pink, this Bouq is basically the mascot for Valentine’s Day. Send all your lovin’ with these blooms, and maybe include a heart-shaped pizza to stay on theme (also, you know, in case you get hungry).

Pro Tip: To ensure the freshest of the fresh, your blooms may arrive in bud form. This maximizes their shelf life so they’ll last as long as possible! Please allow 2-3 days for your new buds to open and reach full bloom.

Know Your Roots Meet the farmer

Farmer Juan Pablo


Since opening Agrinag in 2003, Farmer Juan Pablo has learned a lot –– the art of raising roses, the importance of empowering your employees, and the value of the earth. Besides launching an innovative profit-share program that turned the farm’s 500+ staff members into micro-entrepreneurs, Agrinag is a founding member of Fair Commitment, an invite-only label for farms committed to environmental and wildlife care.

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