Care Instructions

Roses are delivered with guard petals still attached — these protect the roses in transit and can be easily removed. They may appear lighter in color or have spots (this is normal!). Trim stems at an angle and fill vase with water. For the longest vase life, continue trimming stems at an angle as well as removing extra leaves when refreshing your arrangement. Please display in an area safely out of your pet's reach.

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When the path of sunlight reaching your plant is not direct, or is filtered by something else (ex: sheer curtains).


Every 2-3 Days Full

Keep your vase filled with water. Water should be changed every 2 to 3 days.

Video about how our flowers are grown

Know Your Roots Meet the farmer

Farmer Andres

Farmer Andres


Farmer Andres wakes up every day with one thing on his mind: growing incredible flowers in a sustainable, environmentally responsible manner. Located next to Chilean volcanoes and breathtaking water, Araucania Flowers produces tulips year-round without any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Happy flowers make happy people, time and time again.

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