Floral mix of cedar, myrtle, and pine cones.

Going, er, staying home for the holidays? Same. This DIY holiday arrangement will help bring the magic of winter inside while keeping you smiling. Holiday at Home is a mix of cedar, myrtle, red seeded eucalyptus, princess pine stems and a pine cone — all the ingredients you need to design your own tablescape, centerpiece, or create a masterpiece of your own to decorate for the holidays! 

Know Your Roots Meet the farmer

Farmer Todd


Todd’s nickname on the farm is Master Grower. He earned it growing sunflowers 365 days a year. Raised in the fields, Todd is part of a family of farmers that go back all the way to his Grandfather. Today, he personally keeps an eye on all his fields, making sure each grower is living up to his farm’s promise of high quality flowers. A pioneer in the industry, Todd still manages to stay humble, and will happily answer anyone’s questions on anything farming.

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