This gift set includes orange roses and dark callas paired with a Gorjana Power Gemstone bracelet.

Double double, Bouq and bracelet bundle. Want to freshen your fall? Nab our Deluxe Orchard Bouq paired with Gorjana’s Power Gemstone Bracelet before it goes out of season. We love the combo of bright red hypericum berries, warm orange mini calla lilies, and pale orange roses with the garnet bracelet, accented with a gold hammered bar. Did you know garnet is considered to ignite personal energy, passion, and vitality? Turn over a new leaf with this blooming bundle of energy.

Know Your Roots Meet the farmer

Farmer Jan


You can tell by his infectious smile, that Farmer Jan loves what he does. The farm grows a variety of lilies like asiatic, oriental and the most elegant calla lilies you've ever seen! They also know how to party! Pretty regularly they get all the farm's employees together for soccer matches, food, music, and fun!Also, Jan's farm is Rainforest Alliance certified.

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Available Bouqs

  • Picnic

    A vibrant mix of lavender alstroemeria, yellow sunflower, and pink and peach roses.

    $49 $35 Subscribe for 30% off

    Farmer Benito
    Earliest Delivery:
    Tuesday, Jul 14
  • Wild About U

    This bouquet is arranged with assorted succulents.

    Starts at $54

    Farmer Mike
    Earliest Delivery:
    Wednesday, Jul 15
  • Flower Subscription

    Flower Subscriptions delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 

    $36 Starts at

    Earliest Delivery:
    Sunday, Jul 10
  • Happy Hour

    An exotic flower mix of red ginger and chili orange

    $49 $35 Subscribe for 30% off

    Farmer Maria
    Earliest Delivery:
    Saturday, Jul 18

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