Hi, We're The Bouqs

We're a modern floral brand that connects people to farm-fresh flowers and the partners who grow them. We put the Bouq in Bouquet.

P.S. -- If you're wondering how to say our name, it's "BOO-Ks"


Hi, We're The Bouqs

We're a modern floral brand that connects people to farm-fresh flowers and the partners who grow them. We put the Bouq in Bouquet.

P.S. -- If you're wondering how to say our name, it's "BOO-Ks"

Happiness Guarantee

While we aim to be perfect, flowers are unpredictable by nature. We stand behind our product and experience, and we want to be sure you’re happy with Bouqs.com and our flowers! If you have an issue, reach out to us. We’re here for you!

Our Mission

We believe kindness is always in season. We believe the simple gesture of gifting flowers can transform your day, rekindle an old connection, or spark a new one.

That's why we're on a mission to transform the floral industry - delivering longer-lasting, responsible sourced flowers with less waste and more smiles.

Our Difference

Sustainably grown flowers sourced directly from the farm, so they last longer.

Farm-Fresh Quality

Sourced directly from the farm, so they stay fresher longer.

responsibly sourced

Sustainably grown by farmers who care.

rooted in kindness

Kindness towards people, partners and the planet.

Farm-Fresh Quality

No middlemen. We source directly from the farm, so flowers spend less time in transit. Less time and less handling = happy, longer-lasting flowers. They’re also cut to bloom at the optimal time and arrive in bud form, so you can watch them blossom right before your eyes!

Responsibly Sourced

We have personal relationships with our farmers, so you can trust that your purchase is supporting farms that are committed to protecting the environment. The farms we work with have high standards and are certified by third parties like Rainforest Alliance and BloomCheck. Eco-friendly practices include recycling water, composting plant waste, and organic pest control practices.

Rooted in Kindness

‍Kindness is in our DNA. Here are a few examples of kindness in action:

The Kindness Collective is our committee focused on employee engagement, community service, and education.

All employees get free flowers monthly to bloom-it-forward to friends and family!

We only work with farms that align with our values to protect workers’ well-being. Many of our partners provide education and health services for workers, free meals, and retirement plans.


Over 30K (5-Star) Reviews on TrustPilot


5 Stars

“The flowers are beautiful and super fresh. They arrived in bud form and are even more beautiful now that they’ve bloomed!”

Hannah L.

5 Stars

"My last two bouquets from Bouqs were both glorious. One of the bouquets lasted two weeks. TWO WEEKS!”

Cinda R.

5 Stars

"I love the selection & design choices available. Best online floral service I’ve come across!”

Kate H.

5 Stars

“My grandma's 93 and having trouble with her memory. My siblings and I decided on a subscription and every month she gets a reminder that we love her and think of her often, even if we're far away.”

Brenda Q.

5 Stars

“My mother-in-law is impossible to buy for but a monthly flower subscription was the perfect gift for her. Every month the flowers make her so happy. There's a nice variety and they're always delivered on time and so fresh, and long lasting. Best $$ I ever spent.”

Tim F.

5 Stars

“I signed up for the subscription service and I absolutely love it. Flowers arrive packed safely. The company notifies me as soon as they are delivered so I can get them inside. My favorite feature is being able to switch the recipient each month.”

Caitlin C.

5 Stars

“The bouquets are consistently delivered on time (with advanced email heads-up and notification of their arrival), the arrangements are beautiful, and the flowers stay vibrant so much longer than any others I've ordered. My mom's June flowers lasted over two weeks!”

From Buds to Bouqs

Our Story

It started with a phone call: John Tabis shared his frustrating experience ordering flowers with his college friend, JP Montufar, a 3rd-generation farmer. They noted how all the love that goes into flowers gets lost somewhere in the middle. They asked, what if we made shopping for flowers easier? What if we sourced directly from the freshest flowers possible? What if we infused the experience of giving flowers with the love that goes into cultivating them? So they set out to do just that.  

Shortly after launching The Bouqs Co., they brought their new company to Shark Tank, and despite leaving without an offer, Bouqs blossomed. Today, they’re the #4 business on Shark Tank’s top 15 list by lifetime sales—Mark Cuban called it “the [deal] I regret not doing.”  

The Bouqs makes shopping for flowers better for everyone: for shoppers, for farmers, even for the flowers.  

Easier. Fresher. Kinder.

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