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Happy Birthday Flower Delivery

Birthdays are probably some of the most exciting days out of any calendar year. You get to celebrate someone for just spending another year being their wonderful selves! Everyone loves birthdays – the parties, the delectable cakes, and especially the gifts. We all want to give something that will let your recipient know that you had them in your thoughts.

Birthday Gift Delivery

Gift-giving has always been a prominent birthday tradition, but we know that it isn’t the easiest feat to pick out the perfect present for a loved one. Sure, you can opt for going to a store and picking something off a shelf. But sometimes, birthday presents are more than just wrapping something up in a pretty box and calling it a day. If you need some help with birthday gifts, we can help. We offer online flower delivery of farm-fresh flowers that are long-lasting and artisan-designed.

Fresh Birthday Bouquets from the Farm

When you shop with The Bouqs Co., you're choosing from our stunning collections of artisan-designed creations that come straight from the farm! In addition to offering festive, bright birthday flowers, we curate seasonal collections so you can send a bouquet appropriate for the birthday month. 

Birthday Flowers by Birth Month

Ancient Rome birthed the tradition of giving seasonal flowers on your birthday. Check this list and include a birth flower.

  • Januarys: Carnation. Called the “Flower of Love”, the carnation represents vitality, deep love, and affection.

  • February: Iris and Violet. With over 400 species and cultivated since at least 500 B.C., violets are more than just blue. They represent faithfulness and spiritual wisdom.

  • March: Daffodil. This springtime bloom symbolizes new beginnings, rebirth, and resilience.

  • April: Daisy and Sweet Pea. Sweet peas are associated with departures, goodbyes, and thank yous while daisies symbolize birth and new beginnings.

  • May: Lily of the Valley. Lilies of the Valley represent purity, good luck, sweetness, and humility.

  • June: Rose. The most popular flower around the world, roses can represent everything from gratitude and admiration to love, friendship, and purity.

  • July: Larkspur and Waterlily. The larkspur represents an open heart and positivity while the water lily is a sacred flower in Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

  • August: Poppy and Gladiolus. Gorgeous poppies endure as a symbol of remembrance while the gladiolus stands for strength and integrity.

  • September: Morning Glory and Aster. Tranquil morning glories represent affection while asters signify wisdom, faith, and love.

  • October: Marigold and cosmos. Marigolds stand for positive emotions and also for grief and mourning while cosmos blooms can symbolize order and harmony.

  • November: Chrysanthemums. Mums are enduring symbols of loyalty, longevity, and joy.

  • December: Holly and Poinsettia. Across many cultures, the poinsettia symbolizes purity, cheerfulness, and success. Hollies stand for fertility and eternal life.