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Peony Season is Short, But #PrettyInPeony is Forever

Peach Peony Flower

Peonies are arguably the trendiest flower out there. Why? They are stunning for one. Secondly, they are limited in availability. This means we can’t get sick of them! It’s like how diamonds are released in controlled quantities to keep the value high. But with peonies, the farmers aren’t faking it. These blooms only grow under very specific conditions, making them the diamonds of the flower world.

While you can only reasonably get peonies during the spring, you can still look at them year-round. How? By taking pictures of your flowers, posting them to Instagram, and stalking yourself on the daily. That’s what we do!

This peony season, in true John Hughes style, we asked people to share their favorite snaps and hashtag them with #PrettyInPeony. You can also browse some fun facts about different peonies like California peonies.

Here we have compiled some of our favorite posts from the past few months of bliss! Share yours with us too! We are never opposed to a good latergram, we won’t tattle.

Light Pink Peonies

@sosupersam‘s marble and peonies was the ultimate combo

Large Pink Peony Flower

@tarasowlaty paired her peony with delicate bracelets

Shades of Pink Peonies

@elizabethkeene‘s table goals

Peonies & Heels

@lefashnmonster‘s peony pic made us want to *heart eye emoji*



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