Black Friday Plant Deals

This year, save some green on your greenery for Black Friday. Shop our collection of houseplants on sale for your friends, family, and yourself.

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Please Check Back Monday, November 22nd for Black Friday Deals

Live Snake Plant in Gold Pot



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Black Friday Deals on Plants

This Black Friday, if you’re looking for a deal, sale, or special offer on plants, come to The Bouqs. You send someone you care about a new potted pal or treat yourself to some self-care by ordering from our collection of plants for the holidays.

Houseplants on Sale for Black Friday

We offer great deals on our plants for Black Friday so you can avoid the crowds and long lines and do your shopping from the convenience of your home. If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on a new fiddle leaf fig, money tree, or monstera, now is the time to act. Order today from our collection. Our plants are easy to care for and paired with artisan pots designed to look great with any room aesthetic.

When Do Sales Start for Black Friday?

Traditionally, sales from Black Friday began and ended on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Consumers would queue up early in the morning to be ready for the stores to open as many stores would only offer a limited number of items for big savings. Now, many stores extend Black Friday discounts through the weekend. And with many online retailers, Black Friday deals might even begin before Thanksgiving.

Why Is It Called Black Friday?

One myth is that Black Friday got its name because stores “went into the black” on that day, meaning they received big profits. However, the name actually comes from 1950s Philadelphia when the police began referring to the day as Black Friday because to many shoppers would pour into the city that police to work extra hours and patrol the crowds and traffic. There was a push to call the day Big Friday instead but it never caught on and by the 1980s stores and customers across the country called the day Black Friday.