Cyber Monday Flower Deals

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Cyber Monday Flower Deals

Missed out on some sweet Black Friday deals at your local mall? It’s okay, we’re not a huge fan of big crowds and long lines either. But as they say: sometimes, missed opportunities open up new ones. That’s right, we are here to give you another chance at bringing home the flowers of your dreams!

Cyber Monday has fast become one of the most popular shopping days of the year. Last year, over $10 billion in sales were made on Cyber Monday. The Bouqs Co. is excited to announce our special deals on flowers for Cyber Monday in 2022. We know you want high-quality fresh flowers at an affordable price and our mission is to deliver those bouquets to you. So forget about waiting in line, grab your favorite blanket and enjoy the ease of ordering flowers from your home.

Savings For the Holidays

Online shopping has always been the go-to for those who want to skip the drive, and The Bouqs Company is all about it! That’s why we decided to join the Cyber Monday movement and offer anyone who is in need of some #BouqLove for the remaining holidays the best blooms (and plants) you can find around. With a collection that features the brightest roses, lilies, tulips, succulents and more, you will not want to pass on getting these stems delivered to you or anyone who’s in your thoughts!

The Bouqs Co. is dedicated to making shopping for online bouquets simple and fun. We believe flower delivery should be an enjoyable process, like smelling the roses. We’ve revolutionized how we commemorate special occasions with beautiful floral experiences. Our innovations to the flower delivery business mean we can deliver farm-fresh flowers from sustainable directly to your door for affordable prices.

Don’t miss out on one of the best Cyber Monday deals of the online world. We promise that our reliable flower delivery services won’t disappoint.


When Do Cyber Monday Deals Start and End?

Cyber Monday deals usually start the Monday after Thanksgiving. However sometimes those deals start early or end a little later. Check back closer to Cyber Monday and we’ll let you know exactly when deals begin and end. If you want to maximize your savings, become a Bouqs subscriber and you’ll get up to 30% off all subscription deliveries, access to exclusive bouquets and free delivery on all your orders.

When Did Cyber Monday Begin?

In 2005, the National Retail Federation (NRF) coined the term Cyber Monday. This term was coined after research showed that online retailers saw a huge increase in sales on the Monday following Thanksgiving. Other terms for Cyber Monday were discussed, Black Monday after Black Friday and Blue Monday after the color of most hyperlinks. But the NRF settled on Cyber Monday and unveiled the term in 2005. Online sales have steadily increased every year since, in 2014 online sales topped $2 billion and in 2020 a record was set with $10.8 billion in sales.