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The Bouqs Co.

What Customers Are Saying: Over 40,000 ★★★★★ (5-star) Reviews on Trustpilot

“The flowers are beautiful and super fresh. They arrived in bud form and are even more beautiful now that they’ve bloomed!”

- Judith

”My last two bouquets from Bouqs were both glorious. One of the bouquets lasted two weeks. TWO WEEKS!”

- Hannah L

”I love the selection & design choices available. Best online floral service I’ve come across!”

- Cinda R

The act of gifting flowers stretches all the way back to ancient civilizations. Flash-forward thousands of years in the future, and sending flowers remains one of the most cherished ways to display your adoration and admiration for any occasion. Whether you want to share your love, show support, say thanks, or surprise a friend with a bouquet just because, it should be easy to send flowers online and feel confident your recipient will get an amazing gift. Here at The Bouqs Co., we’ve been perfecting the act of flower delivery for more than 10 years, doing our part to make it as simple and straightforward as possible.

Our diverse (and awesome) curation of colorful flower arrangements means you’ll be able to find the perfect bouquet for any style and occasion. Our selection of farm-fresh flowers evolves over the course of the year, with new and returning selections that are perfect for the various holidays that have become synonymous with gifting flowers. Of course, we also have a selection of best-selling Bouqs that are available all year-round! So when you want a fresh tulip arrangement, a rainbow of ranunculus, or a classic rose bouquet, you know you’ve come to the right place.

And if you’re looking for 'gram-worthy, affordable flowers at a reasonable price, we’ve got your back. Some of our best-selling Bouqs start at just $49 and always arrive fresh from the farm. You can also check out our fresh Deal of the Week if you want to save even more. These special offers are updated every Wednesday, so check back each week for the latest discount on one of our favorite Bouqs.

And how about our green thumbs? Any plant lovers out there? We also offer live plant delivery! Our selection is lovely, including everything from tropical orchids to super cute succulents that are so easy to maintain. No matter the time of year, we’ve got just the indoor plant for that plant parent in your life. It’s a lil’ obvious, but our selection of blooms and plants is pretty fantastic. And thanks to our amazing partners who ship direct from the farm to your door, we believe our selection of flowers and dependable delivery service is unmatched.

Good news! We’re growing flowers right now to make sure you’re covered for every holiday or occasion, every little moment or milestone, and even just because. The ultimate day to celebrate with a delivery of fresh flowers? Well, make Mom’s Mother’s Day one to remember with a fresh flower bouquet filled with her faves, all sourced directly from one of our sustainable farms. (Hint: lots of moms LOVE tulips). Is it even Valentine’s Day without red roses to express love or passion? We can’t forget about birthday flowers! For birthdays, sunflowers are always a hit. Sometimes life’s moments aren’t ideal, though, and lots of our customers turn to lilies as classic sympathy flowers

Whether happy, sad, or just because, these once-in-a-lifetime moments mean something. And when the act of receiving or sending flowers is involved, these occasions can mean even more. So, next time you’re looking for a wide selection of affordable flowers, lush plants, or thoughtful gift sets, remember that The Bouqs Co. has your back.

Whenever you want to order flowers online with us, whether it’s to say "I love you,” “I miss you,” or "I'm sorry for your loss," one of our farmers planted, cared for, and cut the Bouq you’ve chosen. That one. The one that’s bloomed and ready to deliver your heartfelt message. And before those flowers were even planted, cut, and assembled, it was one of our master floral designers that concocted that exact combination of colors and blooms that make up your Bouq. Our florists pride themselves on offering unique bouquets that stand out amongst the competition. Even our more classic styles have a modern twist to them!

Whether it’s for an anniversary, a birthday, or a singular moment in between, don’t settle for anything less than The Bouqs Co. Our original vision began with a simple goal to bring the online floral delivery service into the future through sustainable farming practices and standards, as well as by cutting out the middleman and shipping farm-fresh flowers directly to your door. Through the last decade, we’ve also been dedicated to crafting exclusive, one-of-a-kind flower bouquets that you won’t find available from the competition.

We also have a handful of local Flower Studios in certain areas of the country, including Los Angeles and Chicago. You can actually visit our Bouqs florists in person and get a handcrafted arrangement that you can bring straight home to a loved one or surprise a friend with at their latest get-together! These local flower shops also allow us to easily deliver flowers the same day you order, even if you place it online. Get beautiful, handcrafted Bouqs delivered from our amazing florists in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Orange County today.

Bouqs, short for bouquets, isn’t like other online flower retailers. We partner directly with sustainable farms that minimize waste, recycle water, and protect workers’ well-being. This also means our flowers remain fresher and last longer. Talk about farm fresh! Some of the flowers we send will actually arrive in bud form, which not only means that they will last a little longer, but it also gives your recipient something a little extra: the joy of watching them bloom!

Some people like to plan ahead, and for those who want to be a bit more prepared, we highly recommend our first-class flower subscription service. For as little as $44 per month, you can set up a flower delivery for every important occasion — a delivery can even be scheduled months in advance. Plus, there are perks, like free shipping and up to 30% off retail prices on every subscription order, plus special savings every month that apply sitewide on one-time orders. As an extra bonus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing life won’t distract you and the right gift will always be sent on time. Ah! Let’s not forget how easy it is to edit, skip, or cancel deliveries because, you know, we’re flexible. 

We are so grateful to work with flowers and plants that brighten peoples’ days. In a world where seeing each other can be limited, the act of sending and receiving gifts in the mail becomes even more powerful. That’s why we do what we do: to celebrate connections and life’s little moments, with bouquets, simplified.

We get it. Life happens and then suddenly you need to send a gift. No need to stress, because we offer next day flower delivery in several places throughout the country, and same day flower delivery in select ZIP codes. Although planning ahead might mean more choices, the available selection is still the best of the best.

To ensure your delivery arrives on time, we recommend ordering by 11am PST. Next day delivery is only available Tuesday through Saturdays, meaning orders must be placed between Monday and Friday. We’re working on it, but currently we aren’t able to deliver next day orders on Sundays or Mondays at the moment.  

Whether you order flowers online months in advance or have a history of cutting it a little too close and need something special in a hurry, we offer the best flowers online and ship direct to doorsteps nationwide. We hear good things come in flower packages, so we’re here to help you share kindness with the best kind of mail: farm-fresh flower bouquets, plants, and gifts delivered by The Bouqs Co.

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