South America Flowers

Fresh-cut bouquets sent directly from our South American farms to your door. Grown in the world's best sun and soil, our classic volcano flowers are how we got our start.

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South American Flowers Collection

Did you know that over ¾ of the flowers sold in America come from South America? South American countries like Ecuador and Colombia have the ideal conditions for many of your favorite blooms to flourish. .

By sourcing our flowers from the best climate for their growth, we ensure you receive high-quality bouquets at fair prices. We only partner with South American farms dedicated to sustainable farming practices such as minimizing waste and recycling. Gorgeous blooms that you can feel good about. What's not to love!

South American Roses

Roses from Ecuador and Colombia are famous for their being robust, head-turning blooms that last longer than flowers grown in less ideal conditions. The high altitude and year-round tropical climate supercharge the rose bushes so they grow larger and with thicker stems. This means the roses you order will be healthier and last longer in your vase.


What flowers grow in South America?

Roses and orchids are famous for thriving in South American countries. However, hundreds of flowers find South America’s climate to be exemplary for growing healthy, vibrant blooms. Other famous South American flowers include the cockspur coral, dahlia, cantuta, maga, the copihue, plumeria, Lily of the Incas, petunia, frangipani, passion flowers, cattleya, birds of paradise, and alstroemeria.

Where are roses grown in South America?

The Society of American florists estimates that 75-80% of the roses sold in the US are grown in South America with Colombia and Ecuador being the two largest producers of roses. The conditions in Ecuador and Colombia are perfect for growing big, strong, vibrant roses.

What flowers are grown in Colombia?

Over 1400 species of flowers flourish in Colombia. Some flowers Colombia is famous for include roses, orchids, birds of paradise, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, and carnations.