Succulent Plants

Who said succulents should just stay in the desert? Invite one into your home from our succulent plants collection!

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Two Green Hoya Heart Plants in Grey Cement Planters with Pink Rock Potting Material

Desert Love


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If you’re looking for the perfect plant that adds a bit of warmth to your space, the trendiest desert daredevils take the cake! Succulents are probably the best members of your new plant family when it comes to maintenance and décor – they’re super easy to take care of and they’re quite the stunners! Just a few pots of different types of succulents on an empty shelf or desk can definitely draw anyone’s attention. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself feeling more at home with their bold yet easy-going presence.

We’ve come out with a collection of succulents that all boast their own unique personalities, all grown sustainably to freshen up your home for years to come. Displayed in either mini planters or wall hangers, you can choose how to decorate a part of your room or office with our prickly friends.

Why wait? Adopt your very own succulent today to add to your growing plant family!