Plum orchid in an eggplant colored plant pot.

If you're looking to impress someone special, send them this living jewel! Our double-stemmed purple orchid is perfect for the home or office, and it includes a biodegradable eco-pot complete with care instructions to maximize your enjoyment. Delivered next day from our farms on the California coast to your recipient's door. Orders must be placed by 2:00 pm EST to arrive next day. 

Please note: Orchids cannot be delivered to Hawaii or Puerto Rico.


Care Instructions

Orchids are happiest in medium to low indirect light. They only need to be watered once a week, just make sure that the pot is dry in between watering. An ice cube a week also works well for the orchid's watering needs! After orchid flowers fall, continue to care for plant to encourage more blooms.

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Indirect sunlight. Place out of direct sunlight but still in a bright room away from a window.



Water thoroughly once a week. Allow soil to dry before watering again.

Know Your Roots Meet the farmer

Farmer Jerry


Jerry is a 14th generation flower farmer and his great-grandfather developed one of the first greenhouses in Europe during the 1800s. The farm produces nearly two million cymbidium orchids annually. He takes pride in knowing some of his orchids can last anywhere from two to four weeks as a cut flower!Certifications: American Grown

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