Bouquet of carnations, lilies and blue thistle featuring eucalyptus stems

The winning bouquet from the Solo Challenge of the Full Bloom season finale (HBO Max) is bloomin! This artful arrangement’s incredibly unique and thoughtful composition centers around celebrations of all kinds — even the celebration of life. To illustrate this, many elements can be dried to last well beyond their vase life. Protea, mini calla lilies and pincushion are surrounded by blue thistle, varieties of eucalyptus, and billy balls for a striking composition you have to see in person. Limited time only!

SPOILER ALERT: Solo Challenge Winner Spotlight
The winning arrangement featured on our site was designed by *drum roll* Conner Nesbit! You can find Conner on Instagram @connernesbit to follow his personal journey or check out more unique designs at his Utah-based floral business, Leuca Floral.

This extra special, limited quantity Bouq is excluded from discounts. Hope we can still be buds!

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Farmer Network


Our Colombian farms use sustainable, and eco-friendly farming practices, as well as treat their labor fairly. Most are Rainforest Certified, and all of them are helping the local community by offering their employees things like health care and onsite childcare! Plus, they cut out only what we sell - so we don’t waste 1 out of every 3 stems like the traditional supply chain.

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