Smile-Spreading Subscriptions

Keep happiness blooming month after month.


Smile-Spreading Subscriptions

Keep happiness blooming month after month.

Over 300,000 Subscribers and Blooming


Named Best Overall Flower Delivery Service
farm fresh

Flowers stay fresher longer because they’re shipped directly from our eco-friendly farms.

Our Best Deal

Up to 30% + free shipping on unique, seasonal flowers from our curated Subscription Collection.

FlexIble & customizable

Customize once and let us do the rest, or choose the bouquet, recipient, and date for each delivery. Skip or cancel anytime.

happiness guarAntee

Your happiness is our priority. Get in touch any time–we’re here for you!

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Preview The Bouquets

Get access to our Subscription Collection of 50+ farm-fresh Bouqs with everything from seasonal arrangements to tried and true classics, plants and premium upgrades.

Funfetti birthday bouquet
And more! Get access to a curated collection. New designs added seasonally.

Choose a Size to Get Started

Set your own pace with fresh flower deliveries from weekly to every other month.

how it works

1. Get Started

Choose your subscription size, recipient, and delivery frequency. After checkout, pick your first Bouq or leave it to us to send our handpicked favorites.

2. Grow, Cut, Ship

The Bouq goes from the farm directly to your recipient’s doorstep. Flowers may arrive in bud form, lasting longer.

3. Customize

Sit back and we’ll continue to send our seasonal faves, or customize the experience by changing up delivery dates, Bouq styles, and sizes after your first order.

Over 35,000 ★★★★★ 5-Star Reviews

5 Stars

“The monthly subscription is my biggest secret husband life hack as my wife LOVES when fresh flowers get delivered once a month.”

Olivia S.
5 Stars

"The flowers are great, they've lasted a long time, and the subscription service can be sent to different people. Send your sister birthday flowers, your mom I miss you flowers, or you friend thank you flowers."

5 Stars

"My wife LOVES the fresh, subscription flower deliveries on a regular - repeating basis. She says it is the greatest gift I have given her in our 43-years of marriage. I like the ability to select flowers & schedule deliveries several months in advance."

Kathleen O.
5 Stars

“I love the subscription; it gives me a chance to love on someone every month.”

Brenda Q.
5 Stars

“My mother-in-law is impossible to buy for but a monthly flower subscription was the perfect gift for her. Every month the flowers make her so happy. There's a nice variety and they're always delivered on time and so fresh, and long lasting. Best $$ I ever spent.”

5 Stars

“So easy to send my Mom flowers every month. She is so surprised with every delivery and enjoys arranging the wonderful flowers. She always calls me, sends me pictures, and says how unique each bouquet is!”

Darla B.
5 Stars

"Gorgeous flowers, so fresh. I love my subscription. I can treat myself or send to someone I'm thinking of!"


Can I pick the Flowers?
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Absolutely! You can choose from a curated selection of over fifty Bouqs, including exclusive seasonal arrangements, or leave it to us to send our handpicked favorites.

Note: On your first delivery, you have 4 hours to make your selection. Right after checkout, head over to your subscription dashboard to pick your first Bouq. If you don’t make a selection, we’ll send a favorite. For future orders, we'll send an email a few days before your upcoming subscription order with a preview of your upcoming Bouq. You can update your Bouq until that order is confirmed.

Why get a Subscription vs. just placing a single order?
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A subscription is the most convenient way to send farm-fresh flowers on your schedule. It's our best deal at up to 30% savings plus free shipping. You get access to subscription-exclusive Bouqs, which highlight the best blooms of the season. It's super flexible — switch up recipients, Bouqs, and delivery dates. You can also easily skip an order when you need to. Did we mention FREE shipping?

What is the cancellation policy?
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After your first subscription order, you may cancel at any time online in your subscription management dashboard or by contacting our customer support team.

Can I pause my flower Subscription?
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You can snooze your subscription for up to three consecutive deliveries, or skip an individual delivery in your subscription management dashboard at any time. We understand that life happens, so we've made the subscription flexible to work with you or your recipient's schedule.

How flexible is it?
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Very flexible! You're in control of your deliveries, and can make updates in the subscription management dashboard.

Switch up recipients: You can change up your recipient with every order- send one to mom for her birthday, the next one to your friend, the next one to yourself. It makes birthdays, anniversaries, and any other gifting moments easy.

- Pick your Bouq (if you want): You can choose the Bouq for every individual delivery, or set it and forget it — we'll take care of the rest.

- Change size or delivery date: It’s easy to change your settings from your subscription management dashboard.

How often will my flowers ship?
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Our subscription allows you to choose a delivery frequency that works best for you or your recipient - either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. So, whether you want to opt for a delivery of monthly flowers, weekly flowers, or somewhere in between, you can!

Is shipping on Subscription orders always free?
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Yep! It’s our gift to you. There are other perks that come with being a subscriber, too, like early access to special stems and extra savings on non-subscription orders.

How much is a Bouqs subscription?
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We offer three subscription sizes that each have a standard charge: $44 for an Original, $56 for a Deluxe, and $69 for a Grand.* Sometimes we will offer subscriber-exclusive upgrades and premium priced Bouqs, which you can opt into. You'll only receive one if you select it.

*Prices reflect subscription cost as of June 12th, 2023.

Can I give a Subscription as a gift?
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You can absolutely give the gift of monthly flowers to anyone in your life, for any reason! You can even gift them weekly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly flowers, all depending on the frequency you choose. Our Bouqs subscription truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

One thing to keep in mind when gifting a subscription, though, is that the management dashboard is only available to the account holder who purchased the subscription.